Botetourt Rotary Club Donates $500 to the Hope to Walk Foundation

The Botetourt Rotary Club recently made a $500 donation to the Hope to Walk Foundation, a non-profit entity whose mission is to provide prosthetic legs to individuals in third world countries including Honduras, Guatemala, Vietnam and Haiti. 
According to the World Health Organization, there are over 35 million amputees and disabled persons worldwide in need of prosthetic devices who do not have access to them.  Without the ability to walk, many amputees are outcast from society, depressed and unable to work in order to support themselves and their families.    Hope to Walk not only raises money to provide prosthetic legs but also provides training to technicians in the countries it serves so that the prosthetics may be manufactured there, helping to more quickly and efficiently assist residents.
“The Botetourt Rotary Club is pleased to provide our donation to assist Hope to Walk,” said Botetourt Rotary Club Director Joe Obenshain.  “Hope to Walk fulfills the needs of disabled individuals and their families.  The prosthetic legs restore dignity and independence, and in most cases would not otherwise be available in these countries,” Obenshain concluded.
The Botetourt Rotary Club is a civic organization that strives to improve our community as well as help meet the needs of individuals worldwide.  The Club meets at noon every first and third Wednesday of the month at Bellacino’s on Roanoke Road.  Guests and new members are welcome.