Lexington Lunch and District Funds Transform Boxerwood Play Trail

Rededication of the Boxerwood Play Trail was held on Saturday December 2. "Amazing what happens when people come together to make things happen," said Executive Director Levy Schroeder of Boxerwood. She warmly thanked the Rotary Club of Lexington Lunch for writing the district grant for $4,000.

Jessica Sullivan (Levy's assistant), headed up coordinating the volunteers for the project. Her husband, Jay Sullivan, designed and built the Roto-Rain Recycler, which demonstrated and actually used water to turn three wheels of the water recycler.

Twenty-five community members, staff of Boxerwood, and Rotarians attended the celebration. Executive Director Levy Schroeder of Boxerwood and Club President Lori Sadler gleefully cut the ribbon on the transformed Play Trail. Area children and their families are invited to bring friends and explore the new enhanced trail.