• Rotary Year: 2018-2019
  • Application Date: 5/29/2018
  • Club Name (Primary): Rocky Mount
  • Club Name 2: Glenvar
  • Club Name 3: Roanoke Valley (Roanoke)
  • Club Name 4: Roanoke-Downtown
  • Club Name 5: Salem
  • Club Name 6: The Blue Ridge – New Generations
  • Project Name: New Gen Peacebuilders
  • Project Total Cost: $16,000.00
  • Grant Amount Requested: $8,000.00
  • Describe the Project, its location and its objectives: Rotarians in Area 8 will sponsor a NewGen Peacebuilders (NGP) extracurricular program for high-school aged students who attend school in the Roanoke area. The cohort will be for 35 students.

    NGP is recognized and endorsed by the Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) and incorporates key content from Rotary partners such as the Institute for Economics and Peace, Global Peace Index, and 8 Pillars of Peace.

    This program includes:
    Volunteer/mentor training.
    All materials for room sets and participants.
    Five days of in-person Immersion Workshops with at least two trained facilitators.
    Four virtual meetings with peacebuilder role models.
    Mentoring of impactful local and global peace projects.
    Virtual support of mentors and teams from trained facilitators.
    One reflection day including a YOUnited Celebration for family, community and civic leaders.
  • Expected Start Date: 9/8/2018
  • Expected End Date: 12/1/2018
  • Expected Number of Beneficiaries: 35
  • Describe how the project will benefit the community and/or improve the lives of the less fortunate: Peace is a Rotary focal area, and young people’s programs are part of the Rotary mission. The NGP is the only current peace education and training program for young people that has been sponsored and delivered by Rotarians in multiple states and countries in the past (five) years. This program will help students truly understand drivers of conflict and peace, imagine innovative solutions to create change, and take positive action to address an issue affecting a community or communities.
  • Expected Total Project Volunteer Hours: 500
  • Describe the Rotarian hands-on activities in the project (i.e. non-financial participation): 2-3 Coordinating Committee members to manage recruitment, venue, transportation.
    6-7 Conversation Facilitators. 1 per every 5 or 8 students.
    1 or 2 Moderators for virtual conversations.
    6-7 Peace Project Mentors - Present for some of the workshop, guide in between workshops - 1 per every 5-8 students.
    1 or 2 United celebration coordinators.
  • Describe the publicity plan to inform the general public that this is a Rotary sponsored project: In addition to Rotary branded recruitment and student literature, there will be a public presentation and celebration of the program, cohort and resulting team action peace projects. Program supporters, community members, elected officials, and family/friends of participants are invited to attend. Traditional media and social media will be used to keep the public informed throughout all of the sessions.
  • Cooperating Organizations – Please list each cooperating organization, if any: Mothering Across Continents
  • Letter(s) of Participation: macparticipation.pdf
  • Project Expenditure Budget – list detail uses of funds for the project, or use the Budget Upload.Attached
  • Project Funding Budget – list detail sources of funds for the project, or use the Budget UploadAttached
  • Budget Upload: ngpbudget.xls
  • Primary Contact Name: Joanna Hudzik
  • Primary Contact Rotary Position: President Elect of Rocky Mount
  • Primary Contact Email: gruven78@yahoo.com
  • Primary Contact Phone: 5404938090
  • Financial Contact Name: Marie Muddiman
  • Financial Contact Rotary Position: Member of Salem
  • Financial Contact Address: 
    1210 Penmar Ave.
    Roanoke, VA 24013
    United States View on Map
  • Financial Contact Email: mmuddiman@familypromiseroanoke.org
  • Financial Contact Phone: 540-354-9484
  • Project Authorization Form: Rocky Mount et al - All Signed_Grant_for_Newgen_Peacebuilders.pdf, IMG_20180525_0002.pdf
  • Grant Number1819C-04
  • Grant Award$8,000.00