• Rotary Year: 2018-2019
  • Application Date: 5/31/2018
  • Club Name (Primary): Harrisonburg
  • Club Name 2: Bridgewater
  • Club Name 3: Rockingham County
  • Club Name 4: Harrisonburg-Massanutten
  • Project Name: Albert Long Park Playground
  • Project Total Cost: $200,000.00
  • Grant Amount Requested: $12,000.00
  • Describe the Project, its location and its objectives: The Albert Long Park is a 65 acre park being constructed in Rockingham county, Virginia. It is designed to be a multi-use park, offering opportunities for recreation and activities to as many people at as many different stages in life as possible. Planned amenities include: (1) four baseball/softball fields for youth tournaments and adult league play, (2) four all-purpose rectangle fields that can be used for football, soccer, Frisbee, and other activities that need a large open area (3) picnic shelters for social gatherings, etc. (4) playground(s) for kids of all ages, (5) several open green areas for relaxing, reading, napping, playing catch, and just enjoying the atmosphere at the park, and (6) a 10-foot wide, paved walking trail encircling the park where people of all ages can walk or jog while enjoying the beautiful countryside and views of nearby Massanutten peak. Phases two and three are several years away but will eventually bring an athletic facility as well as an amphitheater to life at the park.

    The specific project that will be funded by the participating Rotary clubs is the construction what will become the destination playground of the park. The goal is to construct a playground that will be accessible to children of various ages and ability levels, incorporating innovative designs to meet ADA standards, including inclusive fitness opportunities and allowing for diversity in use. The play system will meet or exceed all current federal CPSC, ASTM, IPEMS, ADA standards and Virginia licensing childcare requirements for age group 2 through 12 years old. In addition to providing a substantial portion of the funding, the participating clubs will have the opportunity to participate in the design of the new playground and will provide volunteers to aid in the actual construction (e.g., spreading mulch and other relatively simple tasks).
  • Expected Start Date: 7/2/2018
  • Expected End Date: 8/15/2018
  • Expected Number of Beneficiaries: 19000
  • Describe how the project will benefit the community and/or improve the lives of the less fortunate: The participating clubs have committed to supporting the development of parks in the city of Harrisonburg and in Rockingham County and have been raising funds for that purpose for the past three years. The city and surrounding county are growing quickly. There are not enough parks to meet the increasing demand for athletic fields, walking trails, playgrounds and other facilities. The need for additional parks is also recognized by the local government and the Albert Long Park is part of Rockingham County’s response to that need.

    The area where the park will be located is growing rapidly. There are no community parks currently located in the area. The park will also have facilities such as the planned amphitheater that do not currently exist in other area parks. It will benefit not just those living in the immediate vicinity, but also residents of the nearby city and the surrounding counties.

    Specifically regarding the playground, there are approximately 19,000 youth ages 0-12 in Rockingham County alone (not including those from Harrisonburg and surrounding counties). The playground will be accessible to children of various ages and ability levels and will be designed to challenge them in age-appropriate ways, both physically and mentally. It will benefit the public by providing opportunities to socialize and have fun all while honing motor skills and continuing development from a cognitive standpoint. Kids from all races and socioeconomic backgrounds will be placed in an environment conducive to fair play, cooperation, and teamwork as all enjoy the fun and excitement generated by diverse set of equipment and activities that will be available. It is anticipated that the playground will be a destination in and of itself as well as providing additional activity to individuals who are at the park for other reasons such as athletic events, concerts, or picnics.
  • Expected Total Project Volunteer Hours: 100
  • Describe the Rotarian hands-on activities in the project (i.e. non-financial participation): Members of Rotary will participate in selecting the final design for the playground and in planning the layout and landscaping. They will also participate in the actual installation.

    Planning for the specific design is still underway and specific activities will depend on the final design and the contractor overseeing the installation. However, there will be opportunities for Rotary members to help install equipment (pouring cement, attaching pipes and boards, etc.) and assist with landscaping (mulching, planting, etc.). Having volunteers participate in the installation will reduce the total cost, and that discount increases with the number of volunteer hours, so clubs will encourage members to contribute as many hours as they are able. We anticipate asking club members to contribute a total of at least 50 hours to the project and hopefully more, especially since construction is planned during the summer when families may be better able to participate together.

    This estimate does not include the 300-500 volunteer hours that have already gone into the hosting an annual strawberry festival that doubles as a community event and fundraiser. We just finished the third annual festival and are already planning for the fourth. All four clubs have agreed to dedicate all proceeds from this annual event to the development of parks in Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg. This project represents the first project connected with that commitment.
  • Describe the publicity plan to inform the general public that this is a Rotary sponsored project: There will be substantial publicity surrounding the opening of the park including coverage by the local television station and newspaper. Rotary will be recognized in any interviews that may occur in that context and representatives of one or more clubs may be given an opportunity to do a separate interview specifically concerning the playground. The clubs will also invite local news sources to do a story on the construction of the playground and Rotary volunteer participation. Once the playground is complete, the clubs expect to install a plaque or sign near the playground recognizing their sponsorship.

    This does not include the publicity associated with the annual Strawberry Festival which includes extensive print and media advertising, media coverage, street visibility and signage noting Rotary Sponsorship and the fact that proceeds will be dedicated to the development of parks in the City and County.
  • Cooperating Organizations – Please list each cooperating organization, if any: Rockingham County, Virginia - Parks and Recreation Department
  • Letter(s) of Participation: Albert Long Park Playgorund Letter of Participation.docx
  • Project Expenditure Budget – list detail uses of funds for the project, or use the Budget Upload.The bids for the project have been requested but the final contractor has not yet been selected. The budget details will depend on the final design selected. The following are broad estimates:

    Equipment: $750,000
    Materials: $75,000
    Labor: $50,000

    A detailed budget will be provided when the contractor has been selected and the design has been approved.
  • Project Funding Budget – list detail sources of funds for the project, or use the Budget UploadRotary Clubs $88,000
    Matching Collaborative Grant $12,000
    Rockingham County $100,000
  • Budget Upload: Albert Long Park Playground Budget.xls
  • Primary Contact Name: Jon Sayre
  • Primary Contact Rotary Position: Member - Harrisonburg Rotary Club
  • Primary Contact Email: jsayre@firstbank.com
  • Primary Contact Phone: 5403838901
  • Financial Contact Name: Robyn Hill
  • Financial Contact Rotary Position: Treasurer - Harrisonburg Rotary Club
  • Financial Contact Address: 
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  • Financial Contact Email: robyn_e_hill@yahoo.com
  • Financial Contact Phone: 5402097777
  • Project Authorization Form: Albert Long Park Playground Participation Agreement.docx
  • Supporting Uploads: Albert_Long_Park_Multi-Purpose Details.pdf
  • Grant Number1819C-01
  • Grant Award$12,000.00