• Winner: WINNER
  • Date: 1/30/2014
  • Rotary Year: 2013-2014
  • Award Category: World Community Service (discontinued)
  • Club NameBlacksburg
  • Member First NamePaula Alston
  • Address: 
    325 Diamond Ave
    Christiansburg, VA 24073
    United States View on Map
  • Email: palston@mfrl.org
  • Brief Description: 
    In Haiti we were involved in a collaborative funding effort to supply books and supplies to a school, Ecole Philadelphia, in Mirabalais, Haiti. The RC of Blacksburg and the RC of Montgomery County began talking about work in Haiti several years ago when RC of Blacksburg assisted on a DAF Grant to build bridges in Haiti. Club members began to communicate and learn about the projects and involvement in Haiti. Through this interaction, we learned of a need for textbooks for children in Mirebalais. Working together, the RC of Montgomery County applied for a Community Project Grant to fulfill this need. We learned we needed to have an international Rotary partner and began to forge communications with the RC of Mirebalais. We were not able to submit a cooperating agreement with the international partner in time to be eligible for district grant consideration but decided the need was great and continued. Nine thousand dollars were raised between the clubs and the Blacksburg United Methodist Church, a local organization that has worked in Haiti, joined in to facilitate the project. We are very proud of the partners and friends we have made and the assistance that we were able to provide to the school.
  • Participation of Club Members: 
    80% -- Members of both clubs donated funds to this cause totaling $9,000
    6% -- World Community Service Committee members in both clubs worked cooperatively to write the grant.
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    $9,000 was raised between the RC of Montgomery County and RC of Blacksburg to benefit the children of Mirebalais. We gained much in fellowship with other Rotarians in our area with similar interests and goals and made great connections with international partners. Committee members in both clubs learned to overcome obstacles of language, culture and communication and learned that working internationally takes much time and commitment on our part but is so worthwhile. We also learned that finding groups with similar interests and values helps to facilitate large projects. This particular project paired a larger club (ours with 116 members) with a much smaller club (Montgomery County with 26 members) and gives them the opportunity to do an international project. Working cooperatively, our little contributions grow into substantial impacts.

    We made a commitment to work on future projects and apply for a Future Vision Grant.
    An article about the experience was published in the Rotary 7570 District Newsletter. Both clubs are now working on a collaboration for a $100,000 grant to provide additional assistance to the school.
  • Additional Material or Information #1: 
    Attached please find the book list and article in the District Newsletter.
  • 1st Supporting Document: 
    World Community Service - January Newsletter 2014 article.pdf
  • Additional Materail or Information #2: 
    Attached please find a list of the $9,000 worth of books
  • 2nd Supporting Document:
    World Community Service - final book list.pdf