• Winner: WINNER
  • Date: 1/31/2020
  • Rotary Year: 2019-2020
  • Award Category: Club Service
  • Club NameStuart
  • Member First NameLaura Clark
  • Address: 
    PO Box 265
    Stuart, VA 24171
    United States View on Map
  • Email: lclark@clarkbrotherscompany.com
  • Brief Description: 
    1. Weekly Meetings:
    -Presidential club welcome
    -4 way test with member lead prayer and pledge
    -Happy Cup personal celebrations
    -50/50 collected by Sergeant at Arms (proceeds from happy cup and 50/50 go towards designated project funds)
    -Recognition of visitors
    -Catered dinner
    -Club assembly (committee meetings) held quarterly

    2. Socials:
    -Valentines Day Dinner
    -Steak Dinner on the Mountain (Fair celebration)
    -Father’s & Mother’s Day Dinners
    -Fair Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
    -Christmas Social
    -DG Visit
    -Bowling Night
    -GSE Team Meet & Greet
    -Springs of Life Camp Social

    3. Communication:
    -Facebook page with club announcements and weekly invitations to the public for our meetings
    -Weekly PMails with schedule/updates keeping members informed and allowing members to sign up for activities and events.

    4. Fundraising Events:
    -Stuart Beach Music Festival
    -Patrick County Agricultural Fair
    -Spring Demolition Derby
    -Steak Dinner

    5. Service Opportunities for Family of Rotary:
    -PCHS mock career interviews
    -Dictionary/atlas distribution to 240 students
    -Day of Community Sharing- provide school supplies, basic necessities, and haircuts to 300+ students
    -Provided $40,500 of college scholarships & loans to 24 graduates including a first-year college student scholarship. Fund supported by community b-businesses, families, and Rotarians. Recipients are celebrated with a dinner and multiple care packages sent.
    -Pack weekend food backpacks for 23 students
    -Christmas Cheer Wrapping Paper Drive
    -Sponsor Boy Scout Troop 65
    -Host & promote PC Farm Bureau Ag Expo
    -Volunteer support for Front Porch Fest
    -Assist PCHS Reality Fair
    -Sponsor 2 students for RYLA
    -Sponsor blood drive
    -Donations to Polio Plus
    -Donations to Clean Water in Ghana
    -Donations to CART
    -Donations to Patrick County Free Clinic
    -Donations to Patrick County Food Bank

    6. Stuart Rotary Complex:
    -Our club owns 70+ acres that includes 2 community buildings, 3 soccer fields, softball field, animal barn, and amphitheater. Partner with Patrick County Recreation Dept. in hosting a large variety of events year-round.
  • Participation of Club Members: 
    1.Weekly Meetings- 100%
    2. Socials- 80% average
    3. Communication- 100%
    4. Fundraising- 100%
    5. Service Opportunities- 100%
    6. Stuart Rotary Complex- 100%
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    1. Weekly Meetings: come together to share a meal and have an informational business meeting or program featuring local & regional organizations

    2. Socials: Our club looks for opportunities to celebrate the connections to one another that Rotary affords our members and their families. Our club culture believes that cultivating strong connections will ultimately aid in our effectiveness and membership satisfaction. We also believe in supporting local businesses through our fellowship activity like taking our meeting to different venues like the bowling alley, winery, etc.

    3. Communication: have the ability to quickly reach each member as well as the community in hopes of growing Rotary awareness and members; help increase membership satisfaction; promote a sense of openness & transparency by keeping members and the community informed

    4. Fundraisers: offers the opportunity for our club to be able to physically serve a countless amount of people and raise funds to give back to our community.

    5. Service opportunities: through the various club service opportunities, we have been able to work together in building our “Rotary Family”. Through service, we are able to grow not only our membership, but our reaches throughout our Patrick County community. We strive to encourage both family and community involvement and the opportunity to lead by example showing others the importance of service above self.

    6. Stuart Rotary Complex: the special opportunity to own a complex that benefits our community in various ways. We work to maintain and grow our facility and reach long term development goals.