• Committee Name:Assistant Governors
  • Description:
    Assistant Governors assist in carrying out the District Leadership Plan and serve as key liaison workers between the District Governor and Club Presidents and Club Committees.
    4.1 Purpose – DGE shall appoint Rotarians as AG to assist in carrying out District Leadership Plan and serve as key liaison workers between DG and club presidents and club committees.  AGs have such authority as outlined in RI District Leadership Plan and properly delegated to them  by DG and shall have only those responsibilities which may be assigned to them by DG. 
    4.2 Qualifications and Tenure – Recommended criteria for the selection of AGs should include but not restricted to those listed in MOP under District Leadership Plan.   
    4.3 AGs are district appointees selected by DGE, not officers of RI.  AGs are to be appointed on annual basis, with no AG serving more than three one year terms.  When possible, one-third of AGs should be first-term appointees.  This allows continuity in district leadership and provides  more leaders opportunity to serve.  No PDG should serve as AG. 
    4.4 Determination of areas for club groupings – DGE, in consultation with Operations and Strategic Planning Committees, will review district club grouping into areas on an annual basis and formally recommend to the  Strategic Planning Committee proposed changes in club grouping.  

    4.5 Responsibilities of AGs – Responsibilities of AGs shall be those determined by DGE within guidelines set forth in MOP; RI District Leadership Plan; and District 7570 Policies and Procedures.  Responsibilities include those listed in the MOP and: 

    • Participates with committee chairs in DTTS
    • Works with DG and DGE to develop goals for District
    • Advises DG and DGE on committee selections and prospective AGs
    • Prepares and maintains memos of official visits online using Rotary Cub Central. 
    • Visits each assigned club at least quarterly and communicates regularly via telephone, fax, e-mail and/or mail.   
    • Supports each club president and seeks ways to help club be successful in local and global community.  
    • Serves as communications conduit to enable DG to communicate effectively with local clubs – keeps DG fully aware of status of each club, with emphasis on both successes and problems. 
    • Provides information and education about district and RI programs to each club, with emphasis on work of TRF.   
    • Attends meetings as required by DG – district conferences (before and during term), PETS, DLA, DTA, DTTS, area workshop meetings and DG/AG meetings when called.   
    • Schedules and plans for visit of DG to areas and clubs.
    • Performs other assignments as requested by DG 
  • Responsibilities:The assistant governor has responsibilities to both the governor and the club.

    District-level responsibilities include:
    • Assisting in developing district goals
    • Coordinating the governor’s official visit with clubs
    • Communicating clubs’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress toward goals to the governor
    • Attending district meetings
    • Participating in Rotary Foundation programs, events, and fundraising
    • Helping develop future district leaders
    • Briefing the incoming assistant governor on the status of clubs

    Assistant governors may not be able to make quarterly visits to each club in person, depending on the number and location of assigned clubs and the district budget. Although you should visit each club in person at least once, you can conduct other check-ins by phone, e-mail, or web conferencing. For clubs near each other, you might consider a multiclub visit to minimize travel and expenses.

    Your responsibilities to the club include:
    • Visiting clubs regularly (at least quarterly)
    • Helping presidents-elect develop effective goals
    • Monitoring the progress of clubs toward their goals
    • Assisting clubs in planning and scheduling the governor’s official visit, and attending all related club assemblies
    • Motivating clubs to follow through on the governor’s requests
    • Coordinating club training with the appropriate district committee
    • Promoting the District Leadership Plan and the Club Leadership Plan
    • Identifying and encouraging the development of future district leaders
    • Promoting attendance at the district conference and other district meetings