• Rotary Year: 2022-2023
  • Application Date: 6/16/2022
  • Club Name: Scott County
  • Project Name: "Service Above Self" Literacy
  • Project Total Expenditures: $9,000.00
  • Grant Amount Requested: $4,000.00
  • Describe the Project, its location and its objectives: The project will enhance the literacy of elementary and high school youths in Scott County and promote and reinforce the link between students’ classroom learning and community service activities.

    The project targets 4th grades (approximately 280 students in 15 classrooms) and 11th grades (approximately 250 students).

    4th Grades: Rotarians will introduce “Service Above Self” through a story-time experience that will enhance grade-level literacy skills and reinforce the Rotary motto. Using the “Apple Orchard Park” materials developed by the Rotary Club of Fairborn, OH, Rotary members will visit classrooms. Each student will receive a storybook, activity book, and bookmark, and classrooms will receive a poster. Students will participate in activities supporting the theme and be encouraged to share the storybook with family and friends. Students report their “Service Above Self” deeds, documenting them on index cards and placing them in the “Service Above Self” box (located in each classroom) for drawings ($10 gift cards) at the end of the project. Students will share their good deeds with members of the class and during Rotarian visits. Each class will complete a class “Service Above Self” project and report to Rotarians. They will receive gift cards (valued at $10) and certificates for participation.

    11th grades: Students who are juniors and enrolled in a public, private, or home school are eligible to participate. “Service Above Self” is the topic for the essay contest. First ($1,000), second ($700), and third ($500) places will be awarded. The Essay contest provides students an opportunity through written expression to explain their understanding of “Service Above Self” as it relates to their lives, their experiences, and/or society in general. An awards ceremony will be held to present winners with a Rotary Certificate and cash prize.
  • This is the Club’s: Primary Project Application
  • Expected Start Date: 9/1/2022
  • Expected End Date: 12/31/2022
  • Expected Number of Beneficiaries: 300
  • Describe how the project will benefit the community and/or improve the lives of the less fortunate: In Scott County, the child poverty rate is 20.4 percent (Children ages 0-17 living at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level.) In comparison, there is a 13.3% child poverty rate for all children in Virginia. (Voices for Virginia's Children www.vakids.org). This project will provide opportunities for youths to understand how they can contribute to their communities and make a difference.

    Fourth graders will practice “Service Above Self” at their schools, homes, and community, and they will learn when they do something for others, they create friendships, feel good about themselves and others, and everyone benefits. The project promotes and reinforces the link between students’ classroom learning and community service activities.

    The Essay Contest for juniors will help students understand the connection between the lives of the served and the servers, encourage them to apply the values of service and civic engagement throughout their lives, and stimulate and reinforce interest in their academic work.

    The ideals of “service above self” help students develop the crucial skill of drawing happiness and joy from their work and surroundings.
  • Estimated Total Project Volunteer Hours: 650
  • Describe the Rotarian hands-on activities in the project (i.e. non-financial participation): Planning and organizing: Committee members will plan and outline the activities for the 4th-grade project and the Essay Contest. They will contact school officials and schedule meetings with school personnel to solicit input and suggestions. They will order supplies to support the projects and prepare printing materials.

    Preparing and assembling materials:
    4th Grades: Rotarians will develop lesson plans as guides for the classroom. Customized labels will be printed and placed in each reading and activity book for students to add their names. Rotarians will organize and pack the books by school classroom. “Service Above Self” boxes will be constructed. Rotarians will receive training to facilitate the classroom experience for students.

    11th grade: Rotarians will develop guidelines for the essay contest. Rotarians will create posters, brochures, and applications to distribute to students and the community. The forms will be posted on the Club website and the school system website.

    Implementing the Project:
    4th grades: Rotarians will be assigned to classrooms. They will meet with the students to introduce Rotary and the project. They will facilitate the classroom experience for students and encourage them to participate and share their “Service Above Self” deeds. They will draw winning cards from the “Service Above Self” box and present a gift card to the winners. They will award the classroom incentives for student participation.

    11th grade: Rotarians will distribute posters announcing the project. They will judge the essays, plan a ceremony for awards, and present certificates and cash awards to students.

    Public Image: Prepare news releases and social media posts

  • Describe the publicity plan to inform the general public that this is a Rotary sponsored project: Media: Public service announcements will be submitted to Kingsport-Times News and Scott County Virginia Star. The media will also be invited to any appropriate events. Pictures will document the activities, and information will be distributed to the media for publication.

    Social Media: Posts will be prepared and placed on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page will announce and document the progress of both activities.

    Labels in Books: Each book for the 4th-grade program will have a label identifying Rotary as the project sponsor. Students will add their names to the labels.

    Brochure/Poster: A brochure for the Essay Contest will identify Rotary as the contest sponsor. Posters will be placed throughout the community announcing the essay contest.

    Cooperating Organization Website: The Scott County School System will post the Essay Contest announcement and forms on its website.
  • Cooperating Organizations – Please list each cooperating organization, if any: Scott County Virginia Public Schools
  • Letter(s) of Participation: Letter_of_Participation_Scott_Co_Public_Schools.pdf
  • Project Expenditure Budget – list detail uses of funds for the project, or use the Budget UploadSee Budget Upload
  • Project Funding Budget – list detail sources of funds for the project, or use the Budget UploadSee Budget Upload
  • Budget Upload:Service_Above_Self_Literacy_Budget.xls
  • Primary Contact Name: Earline Lane
  • Primary Contact Rotary Position: Club Secretary
  • Primary Contact Email: earlinewlane@gmail.com
  • Primary Contact Phone: 423-742-1789
  • Financial Contact Name: Chris Edwards
  • Financial Contact Rotary Position: Treasurer
  • Financial Contact Address: 
    PO Box 728
    Gate City, VA 24251
    United States View on Map
  • Financial Contact Email: cjed@mounet.com
  • Financial Contact Phone: 423-361-2050
  • District Grant Project Authorization LetterMOU_Service_Above_Self_Literacy.pdf
  • Project Supporting Uploads:11th_Grade_Essay_Brochure_1_.png, 11th_Grade_Essay_Brochure_2_.png, 11th_Grade_Essay_Poster.png, 4th_Grade_Literacy_Principal_s_Meeting.png
  • Grant Number: 2022-13
  • Grant Award: $4,000.00