• Committee Name:DG Nominating Committee
  • Description:
    2.1 Meets annually to nominate candidate to become DGN for ensuing Rotary year.  DGN selected and approved will succeed to DGE following year upon election of incoming DG at RI convention. DG nominating committee shall be comprised of the last five PDGs (chronologically) that have served as DG in D7570 with the immediate PDG as its chair; provided that no PDG may serve in the event a member of his or her club is being considered for nomination.  In the event of unavailability or ineligibility for any reason the next PDG in reverse chronological order shall serve.  All members are voting members.  In the event there is a vacancy and no PDG is willing and able to serve, the President of RI will appoint a suitable Rotarian to serve from the District. (MOP 14.020.3)

    2.2 Responsible for obtaining nominations of highly qualified candidates. 
    2.3 Interviews all candidates for DG with their partners, if available. 

    2.4 All actions taken shall be by majority vote of those present. 

    2.5 Only members of nominating committee are to be present during official meeting of committee (other than candidates and partners when interviewed). DG attends as representative of Rotary International and is a non-voting member. 

    2.6 Selection of District Governor Nominee - Selection of nominees for DG shall be by nominating committee as provided in MOP 14.020, et seq.  

    2.7 Time Schedule and Nominating Procedure - In accordance with MOP 14.010, district shall select DGN not more than 36 months or less than 24 months prior to day of taking office. Nominating committee for DG shall be charged with duty to seek out and propose best available candidate for DGN. Composition of district nominating committee shall be as in Art. III, Sec. 2. 
    2.8 Nominating Committee will also select a Past District Governor to serve in the capacity of Vice-Governor for the upcoming year.