• Rotary Year: 2013-2014
  • Application Date: 4/13/2013
  • Club Name (Primary): Strasburg
  • Club Name 2: Broadway-Timberville
  • Club Name 3: New Market
  • Club Name 4: Woodstock
  • Club Name 5: Luray
  • Club Name 6: Mt. Jackson-Edinburg
  • Project Name: Stop Hunger Now
  • Project Total Cost: $15,000.00
  • Grant Amount Requested: $7,500.00
  • Describe the Project, its location and its objectives: Rotary Area 2 has been an active participant in the Stop Hunger Now program for the past 3 years. The primary objective of the project is to package prepared meals to be sent internationally to feed under- nourished families, especially children through school nutrition programs and persons struck by natural disasters. Area 2 would like to expand our project to allow packing more meals. Last year we had more than 30 Interactors, 15 Boy Scouts and 45 Rotarians and family members participate in the effort. Our plan is now to include more Interactors, Boy Scouts and family members so that we can double the 30,000 meals packed last year. The modest financial commitment of $.25 per meal covers the product, packing material and transportation of meals. An increase in funding will enable us to pack more meals and increase our numbers of participants. Area 2 will locate a facility that will allow for an efficient and effective assembly line process. We plan to return to the school that has hosted us for the past 3 packing events, but utilizing a slightly modified set up to allow for more participants. Area 2 will provide the $7500.00 for the first 30,000 meals, and respectfully requests a Rotary Collaborative Grant for an additional $7500.00.
  • Expected Start Date: 9/28/2013
  • Expected End Date: 3/8/2014
  • Describe how the project will benefit the community and/or improve the lives of the less fortunate: Stop Hunger Now project has a far reaching effect on Rotarians and others who face hunger on a daily basis. By working with the Stop Hunger Now organization, which has the structure in place, Rotarians, family members, Interactors and Boy Scouts come together for one work day to make a profound difference in the world. We have grown this program over the past 3 years and now have the experience and passion to create an even larger program to include more workers and provide more meals. Area 2 is made up of six Clubs with 202 Rotarians, most of the Clubs are fairly small, with fewer than 40 members- thus our commitment to this project which combines our membership and capacity is important. Working with Stop Hunger Now has provided many Rotarians in these Clubs their first opportunity for ‘hands on’ participation in an international project.

    This project lets us lead and teach by example. Our Interactors and Boy Scout participants will again help us fund the event by working with us on our ‘Ride with Rotary’, a fundraiser in the form of an organized motorcycling event. While we have had good participation in previous years, we plan to expand participation by more fully engaging the Interactors and Boy Scouts in the planning needed to double the number of meals packaged. As importantly established, Rotarians have an opportunity to ‘socialize in service’ with our younger members, thus laying a solid foundation for the future of Rotary.

  • Describe the Rotarian hands-on activities in the project (i.e. non-financial participation): Last year our Area held its first event to support Stop Hunger Now raising $7600.00 for the project. The Area proposes to
    again raise these funds with an event called ‘Ride with Rotary to Stop Hunger’, a motorcycle/car ride thru the Fort Valley area. Interactors, Boy Scouts family members and Rotarians will work together to plan and run the event. Long time Rotarians will work side by side with the younger organizers, leading by example. This event is already scheduled September 28, 2013.

    Stop Hunger Now provides the food and packing materials and instructs us about the packing process. We become the labor force to produce the meals. First the items are unloaded and organized. Work stations are set up; measuring tables, weighing tables, bag sealing tables, box packing tables, boxing area and then a pallet building area. Stop Hunger Now staff explains the tasks, and our volunteers staff the work stations. The process is fluid, some volunteers move product between the stations and others keep the tables supplied with product. Workers can quickly switch between jobs due to physical limitations or time. Participants work hard and leave tired but with a great feeling of accomplishment.
  • Describe the publicity plan to inform the general public that this is a Rotary sponsored project: Area 2 Clubs will contact newspapers, radio, and Cable TV to make the each locality aware of the ‘Ride for Rotary’ to be held September 28, 2013. This is supported by the fact that the ‘Ride’ goes through each town and is staffed by Rotarians. This initial phase of the project and resultant media coverage will help us educate the public about world hunger and Stop Hunger Now. We use the Ride to actively demonstrate Rotary is raising funds to feed the hungry. We will follow up with additional media coverage to highlight the packing event.
  • Cooperating Organizations – Please list each cooperating organization, if any: Stop Hunger Now
  • Letter(s) of Participation: collaborative grant SHN letter.pdf
  • Project Expenditure Budget – list detail uses of funds for the project, or use the Budget Upload.$15,000.00 funding for 60,000 meals provided by Stop Hunger Now
  • Project Funding Budget – list detail sources of funds for the project, or use the Budget Upload$7500.00 Funds raised by Area 2 Clubs on September 28, 2013 'Ride with Rotary' to Stop Hunger
    $7500.00 District Collaborative Grant
  • Budget Upload: Collaborative Grant budget 2013.xls
  • Primary Contact Name: Kathleen Kanter
  • Primary Contact Rotary Position: President Strasburg Rotary Club
  • Primary Contact Email: kathy.kanter@yahoo.com
  • Primary Contact Phone: 540-664-1834
  • Financial Contact Name: Barry Orndorff
  • Financial Contact Rotary Position: Treasurer Strasburg Rotary Club
  • Financial Contact Address: 
    465 Walton Dr
    Strasburg, VA 22657 View on Map
  • Financial Contact Email: beocpa@shentel.net
  • Financial Contact Phone: 540-465-4350
  • Project Authorization Form: Collaborative Signatures 1.pdf, Collaborative Grant signature 2.pdf
  • Supporting Uploads: Pictures. 2013 Collaborative Grant Proposal_Area 2 (1).pdf