• Winner: WINNER
  • Date: 1/31/2017
  • Rotary Year: 2016-2017
  • Award Category: World Community Service (discontinued)
  • Club NameJohnson City
  • Member First NameMike
  • Address: 
    1326 Cattail Point
    Johnson City, TN 37601
    United States View on Map
  • Email: mikemefford@gmail.com
  • Brief Description: 
    The Rotary Club of Johnson City has been integral in the development, planning, and execution of three global grant projects during this Rotary year totaling nearly $500,000 in total grant award with a total project value of nearly three times the grant award. The projects have been the following:

    1) The Soacha, Columbia Community Center project that will (1) equip a newly constructed community center, (2) provide a Community Peace & Conflict Prevention Program benefiting 500 community youth and adults, and (3) expand the reach of an established Basic Education Program with classes totaling 250 children.

    2) Rotary Family Health Days 2016 - Ghana. This project addressed the healthcare needs of over 40,000 from 40 free clinics in Ghana while partnering with Ghana Health Services, USAID, and Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention (RFHA).

    3. The KCMC Medical Equipment Project and VTT in Moshi, Tanzania. Our club was instrumental (with the support of the district) in the development and planning for this year's VTT project that will address the needs of a large referral hospital in Moshi, Tanzania. The hospital is serving a catchment area of 16 million people using medical equipment from the late 1970's. This project will include an advanced biomedical training program address technology needs at KCMC, while also addressing orthopedic surgery, family medicine, and OB/GYN education and training.

    *Please note that global grant projects nearly always take several clubs and districts to execute, and with the Level 2 global grant awards listed above, these projects are no exception. While our club has been the lead club in these projects, it has taken many Rotarians to launch these big projects. My hats off to ALL Rotarians that have been a part of our successes!
  • Participation of Club Members: 
    For the development and planning phase of each of these project, approximately 6 Rotarians have participated. When Soacha, Columbia and Moshi, Tanzania projects are complete, we expect a good representation from the club when the site visit is performed. With international projects, it is primarily the host club Rotarians that have their boots on the ground, while we're by their side from a planning and logistics viewpoint.
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    The Rotary Family Health Days project was a great success, providing free healthcare to over 40,000 Ghanaians in a 3 day period. Results from the other two projects will be forthcoming after the project is completed, but we expect a significantly positive impact on each of these underserved communities.