• Committee Name:Information Technology Committee
  • Description:
    Works cooperatively with district leadership to make effective use of internet and related technology to improve  communications capabilities of district. District Internet Communications Officer (DICO) serves as chair.  
    9.1   Responsibilities:
    • Encourages leadership to develop site content, maintains and strives to enhance the functionality of district web presence and provide participating club web sites encouragement in use of internet-related technology to improve communication within and between clubs and leadership.  
    • Works with key committee chairs to help them gain understanding of capabilities afforded them by district's web presence and to assist district trainer to train a committee member who will serve as web editor for committee and encourage updating online information in a timely manner.  
    • Works with district training committee to assist Club Internet Communication Officers and clubs in use of club web sites.  Also provided training to develop and enhance technology expertise in the clubs.