• Winner: WINNER
  • Date: 1/31/2016
  • Rotary Year: 2015-2016
  • Award Category: Vocational Service
  • Club NameBlacksburg
  • Member First NameMichael
  • Address: 
    P.O. Box 494
    Christiansburg, VA 24068
    United States View on Map
  • Email: mikej@ataraxiaadvisory.com
  • Brief Description: 
    “Citizen of The Year” award
    • Granted every year since 1990 to a non-Rotarian in the community
    • Winner demonstrates the 4–way test and possesses an esteemed history of service to the community
    • This year’s winner was Frank Beamer, outgoing Virginia Tech football coach
    • Past winners represent multiple vocations including high school principal, barber, doctor, newspaper editor, fire chief, college presidents, public utility foreman, Realtor and policeman.
    Vocation Scholarships
    • Four (4) awarded to high school seniors pursuing additional technical education
    • Four (4) awarded to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in a STEM field of study
    • Rotary meetings are held in their honor to present their awards. The recipients and their nominating teachers speak to the club.
    Club Programs
    • Multiple programs throughout the year demonstrating various vocations and industries including:
    o Fine arts – Poetry, Photography
    o Aviation – Drone flight testing, USAF Fighter Pilot
    o Sports Science – Helmet testing to reduce concussions
    o Gerontology – Study of aging
    o Commercial Agriculture – Hydroponics, Organic farming
    o Coaching – Virginia Tech athletics
    o Marketing - Social Media
    o Student activities – Robotics, Chorus, Dance
  • Participation of Club Members: 
    COTY – 8 Members on committee (10% of active membership). Community at large solicited for nominations
    Scholarships – 8 committee members (10%). Nominations solicited from county teachers and administrators.
    Programs – 10 to 15 (12% - 18%) members between committee and other club members who recommend & coordinate speakers
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    The Club’s vocational service efforts are intended to advance Rotary’s commitment to foster and recognize all worthwhile careers and vocations in our communities. Our programs and awards convey this to our community and also reinforce this Rotary goal within the Club. Our interaction with the many individuals and organizations in implementing these programs helps to convey Rotary’s respect for all vocations and our philosophy of the Four Way Test in conducting our personal and business lives.

    The Club’s support of student focused activities helps to instill Rotary ideals of character and service in our younger citizens. Our student programs also remind us of all the wonderful young people we have in our community who are doing the right thing every day as these are top student leaders at their school, athletes plus they volunteer their time and service to help others.

    The program speakers provide our members with learning opportunities and a better understanding of the variety of vocations that impact our local economy and make our community what it is.