• Committee Name:Training - Committee
  • Description:
    6.1 - Membership: The DG, based on recommendations of DGE, shall appoint district trainer(s) on an annual basis.  The District trainer(s) will chair the committee and support the DG and DGE in training club and district leaders.  

    6.2 - DTA: A One-day assembly, preferably held in March, April or May, developed to prepare incoming Rotary leaders or update continuing club leaders on their roles.  The seminar may include training for, but is not exclusive to, secretaries, treasurers, and club chairs in various topics such as membership, TRF, and grant writing. DGE is responsible for DTA assisted by district training committee. 

    6.3 - DTTS: DGE, supported by the training committee and with DG approval, is responsible for developing and implementing the training program for AGs and district committee chairs.  Effective training program for AGs and district committee chairs addresses: 
    • Club administration
    • DG/AG relationship
    • DG/District Committee Chair relationship
    • TRF Goal development
    • Rotary Club Central (RCC) training
    • RI convention updates
    • Club assemblies
    • District Committees’ Responsibilities 
    • District Finances
    • Membership – Club Extension
    • DG Official visit schedule
    • Rotary information
    • RI theme
    • RI and TRF programs 
    • Other items as required 

    6.4   PETS: The DGE, supported by training committee and with approval by DG, is responsible for developing and implementing the training program for PEs. Effective training program for PEs addresses:
    • Instruction in club administration 
    • General Rotary information
    • Rotary administrative responsibilities
    • RI procedures and TRF programs
    • Motivational and inspirational presentations 
    • Any other items suggested by the DGE  
    6.4.1 DLA: The Assembly of PEs, preferably held in conjunction with PETS, should discuss and vote on legislation proposed by the Strategic Planning Committee and DG. The DLA committee is consulted for inclusion of documents and elections requiring vote of all clubs.  
    6.4.2  Each Club PE shall attend PETS and DLA unless excused by DGE. If so excused, the PE shall send a designated club representative, who shall report back to the PE. If the PE does not attend PETS and DLA and has not been excused by the DGE or, if so excused, does not send
    a designated club representative to such meetings, the PE shall not be able to serve as club president.  
  • Additional Information:

    Training Videos:

    DaCdb -   http://youtu.be/lSJjMBJ4Rbs
    Rotary Club Central - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVnBC74DgAg