• Winner: WINNER
  • Date: 1/31/2021
  • Rotary Year: 2020-2021
  • Award Category: Club Service
  • Club NameWaynesboro
  • Member First NameRebecca Shin
  • Address: 
    613 Radford Lane
    Charlottesville, VA 22903
    United States View on Map
  • Email: Rebecca.shin.80@gmail.com
  • Brief Description: 
    With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting many challenges for all, our Rotary Club board and members were determined to serve and not let it keep us down. Although our meeting format, fellowship, fundraiser, and service opportunities looked a bit different from previous years, our club has served and made an impact on our local and global communities as well as strengthened our membership core in fellowship, connections, and care. To open up options and increase attendance of our weekly meetings from strictly Zoom style meetings, we started off with an in-person/Zoom combination meeting the first week of the year. But to maximize our fellowship and attendance with even more members, we were able to set up hybrid-style meetings with Zoom and live-streaming production from our local theatre venue, and two-way communication between Zoom and in-person attendees. Committee meetings continued without pause mostly through Zoom meetings and email and phone communication to provide weekly programs, hold a successful fundraiser for the Waynesboro Rotary Foundation, hold our 96th Charter Night program during a noon-time hybrid meeting, and complete a COVID-safe district grant project, and hold strategic planning sessions.
    All members were encouraged and reminded since the beginning of the Rotary year to reach out to fellow club members who we haven't seen since the pandemic began to keep the culture of our Rotary family. With our Rotary Family and Strategic Planning, we hope to respect our 96-year legacy and build upon it as we follow our Strategic Plan into the future.
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  • Participation of Club Members: 
    With 57 active members most all have been able to participate in our club service over this challenging year. 20+ members participated in our most recent hands-on District Grant project at Creative Works Farm. 20+ members participated in bell-ringing for our local Salvation Army chapter. Many of our members have been involved in coming together for smaller projects such as a 2nd annual winter coat drive partnered with a couple from our community. Seven of our members continued identifying and scheduling weekly meeting programs for our membership. Most importantly, 4 of our members have been instrumental in carrying our membership through this pandemic to continue our weekly hybrid-style meetings including production at the theatre venue, meeting set-up and tear-down.
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    During this COVID-19 pandemic, the heart for carrying out our motto, Service Above Self, was not oppressed but resulted in more determination and drive to serve both our membership and our community. Our hybrid-style meetings began the 2nd meeting of this Rotary year at our local theatre and we were able to connect our Zoom attendees with our in-person attendees (all sat socially-distanced) to continue communication and fellowship. The hybrid format of meetings provides options of attendance to our members who are and who are not comfortable attending in-person, and maximizes meeting attendance for more impactful meetings and continual sense of community.
    Benefits are also extended to the theatre venue where we hold our meetings as the live-streaming hybrid-format of production was introduced. They have been able to produce hybrid-style shows and productions, reaching many more people in their audience. With the consistent encouragement of members to reach out to each other during this time when 100% in-person meetings are not occurring, our attendance numbers have increased since the beginning and has kept consistent weekly at an average of 40 members.