Owner: Tara Ellis/Leslie Blevins - 1/11/2022

Grant Opportunities for Clubs

Rotary District 7570 recognizes that clubs may have been limited in their ability to serve others and grow membership during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Rotary District 7570 is pleased to offer access to up to $500 per club for use in their communities and $500 per club for use in promoting membership.  The effective stewardship of District funds over the past few years has enabled the District to provide this money.  Funds must be used during this Rotary year (ending June 30, 2022).  Rotary District 7570 recognizes that clubs may have been limited in their


Clubs will need to request these funds through a very convenient application process found HERE.  Applications for the service projects grants are due by March 15, 2022.
  • The best use of these funds would be for a project in which Rotarians are directly involved in an activity that supports a community need.  Your club members know where the needs are in your town.  Find a project that requires both your funds and the efforts of your club to help serve this need.  Perhaps you have an ongoing project that your club supports which could benefit from some financial infusion.  Great! Dedicate these funds to that purpose.
  • Alternatively, your club could direct this money to a specific use within your community.  For example, your club could purchase materials needed at a food bank, school, or day-care facility or buy supplies in support of mental health, children's health, or in support of the homeless.  We request that you know how these funds will be spent when you request them from the District.  Please avoid sending the money to an organization that intends to use them for "operation funds."
 The Service Project Grant Application can be found HERE and must be requested by the Club President.  Funds will be sent to your Club Treasurer within 7-10 days after your request is approved and will need to be spent during this Rotary year.  Receipt of these funds does not affect your application for a District grant in the upcoming Rotary year.


What could your club do with $500 to GROW MEMBERSHIP and/or ENGAGE MEMBERS? Now is the time to start thinking! 

District 7570 is accepting applications from all clubs and satellite clubs for $500 to help your club grow membership or engage members.  Funds can be used for things like events, marketing, membership development, and/or tools to help engage members.  We encourage you to get creative & try something innovative to attract & inspire members!  A set of guidelines can be found
HERE!  Check it out and start brainstorming with your members!

The Membership Grant Application can be found
HERE!  Applications for the membership grants are due by April 15, 2022.