Governor's Corner

District Goals

As we welcome in 2022 later this week, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we stand with our four main District Goals:

  • Each One Bring One: Membership continues to be our biggest challenge. While we have weeks of growth, we also have weeks of decline. Stay focused and use the tools at to help your club grow. Our current membership is 2,928. Our goal is 3,158.

  • Hunger Initiative: AMAZING JOB! We are well on our way to providing 1 million meals to our local communities! Keep tracking those projects! We are currently at 859,227 meals.

  • Rotary Days of Service: We put the monthly theme in each weekly email. Use this theme to conduct a Rotary Day of Service and then post about it on social media. This month’s theme is Rotary Awareness – so this is a great opportunity to tell your Rotary story. Write a press release with all of the things your club accomplished in 2021 and then send it to your local media outlets (make sure to include some great pictures).

  • Youth and Peace in Action: YPA is in full swing with students taking online classes. We are hopeful that many peace projects will come out of this initiative. There is still time to become a mentor – learn more at

Keep up the great work!