Governor's Corner

A New Year Awaits!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at DGE Kathy Kanter’s installation on Monday, June 27 in Strasburg! Kathy and her team have a wonderful event planned and I’m excited to be with my Rotary family again. 

Kathy has an amazing year planned to help increase our impact through Rotary Foundation support; expand our reach by elevating Rotary’s profile through people of purpose and action; enhance participant engagement through growth, leadership development, service, and networking opportunities; and increase our ability to adapt through creative resources that support commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

She is planning a year of tours across our District promoting our new theme “Imagine Rotary.” She has worked closely with the incoming Area Governors and District Committee Chairs to ensure a successful year. I know this upcoming year holds great things for our District with Kathy leading the way!

I hope you can join us on Monday as we officially install Kathy Kanter as the 2022-2023 District Governor!