Governor's Corner

Education and Literacy

September is Education and Literacy Month for Rotary and extends to our communities and also, globally.  My club works with Sandy Hook Elementary School, as pictured above, to provide dictionaries to third grade students.  Other area clubs promote literacy and education in various ways to their communities by mentoring students, participating and vocational fairs, etc. 

Members in Rotary also have many opportunities to educate themselves about Rotary and have many learning resources and opportunities.   Information is available in DACdb, or the District database at the Resources tab; or the Support/Training tab; and by visiting the Rotary International webpage, and accessing the Learning center modules.    Both sites require members to have an account to access information. 
Another valuable tool for newer members, is to partner with their sponsor or a seasoned member of the club to answer questions and act as an unofficial mentor.   Members may also reach out to the District leaders for answers to questions.   Many resources are available to help educate members about the goals of the club, District, or Rotary International. 
Sept 19 2022