Governor's Corner

2021 RYLA

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On Saturday, December 4, we held the first-ever multi-location RYLA event across our District!
The keynote speaker was Dr. Adolph Brown who delivered a Master Class to the students on human behavior. A message that Dr. Brown shared with the students is one that I believe is important for all of us to remember – and that is the idea of two backpacks. We all carry two backpacks. One is seen – this is the one that we carry our things in every day. For students, this is their physical backpack full of books, paper, pens, and pencils. For adults, this could be our purse, laptop bag, or wallet.
The other backpack is not seen. This is the invisible backpack that we carry with us that holds our past experiences and traumas. This is the backpack that shapes how we may react to situations and that carries the weight of past experiences (positive or negative). We can’t see what another person is carrying in their backpack – but we all need to be aware that each person has an invisible backpack that could help explain the WHY behind the way a person responds to a situation.
This is a great point for us all to remember. Everyone is carrying an invisible backpack that holds the why behind who they are today. As leaders, we need to unpack our own backpacks and help others deal with the issues in their backpacks before the issues deal with our successes and happiness.
Let’s end with a powerful quote from Dr. Brown: “If serving others is beneath you then leadership is above you.”