Governor's Corner

Consider becoming a Gold Club!

The purpose of the Gold Club Award is to provide a path towards a well-managed club and create a focus on Rotary International's areas of focus. It can also be used to help to develop a strategic plan for your club to use throughout the year.
Your District Leadership Team selected the Mandatory and Elective Activities utilizing Rotary International tools. We concentrated on a leadership focus designed to engage new and established members. We used the management tool “Rotary Club Central” to establish membership engagement, communications, and club service objectives and achievements.
Clubs need to complete the 22 Mandatory Activities and selected Elective Activities in Leadership, Membership, Foundation, Service, and Public Image Categories. Elective Activity requirements depend on club size measured on July 1, 2022:
  • Less than 29 members: Three (3) Electives per Category
  • 30-69 members: Four (4) Electives per Category
  • 70-99 members: Five (5) Electives per Category
  • 100 + members: Six (6) Electives
Gold Club achievement is measured from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. Some Mandatory and Elective Activities have other deadlines.  These are listed in the appropriate areas where you enter your activities.
Gold Clubs are recognized at the Club level and presented by the AG.    If you have questions please get in touch with your Area Governor.