Gold Club Award

Owner: District Governor-Elect


To provide a path towards a well-managed club and create a focus on Rotary International's areas of focus.


Your District Leadership Team selected the following Mandatory and Elective Activities utilizing Rotary International tools. We concentrated on the leadership tool "Be a Vibrant Club," designed to engage new and established members. We used the management tool “Rotary Club Central” to establish membership engagement, communications, and club service objectives and achievements.

How to Become a Gold Club

Complete the 22 Mandatory Activities and selected Elective Activities in Leadership, Membership, Foundation, Service, and Public Image Categories. Elective Activity requirements depend on club size measured on July 1:
  • Less than 29 members: Three (3) Electives per Category
  • 30-69 members: Four (4) Electives per Category
  • 70-99 members: Five (5) Electives per Category
  • 100 + members: Six (6) Electives
Gold Club achievement is measured from July 1 through June 30. Some Mandatory and Elective Activities have other deadlines.

Track Your Activities

Click on "Member Access" in the top right corner of this page.
Log into the DaCdb website.
Click on the District tab.
Click on the District Awards icon (you must be security level 4 to access this icon).
In the menu at the left, click “Activity Entry,” select the completed Activity from the drop-down box at top of the page, and click “Add Activity.” Accumulated Activities are listed by Category at the bottom of the Activity Entry page. Your Gold Club Award will be based on your logged Activities as of June 30.


Gold Club Points

Our District awards one point for each Activity but does not rely on points to award Gold Club. If you wish, go beyond Gold Club Mandatory and Elective Activity requirements and see how many Points your club earns!

Club Recognition

Gold Clubs will be recognized at the Club level and presented by the AG.


Awards - GoldClub_2022-23 RM-updated (.xlsx) 

Awards - GoldClub_2022-23 RM-updated (.pdf)