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Last update: 2/27/2023

This page contains those documents not related to a Committee or Seminar (e.g. PETS, DTTS).

District Goals


District Strategic Plan:


District Governor Nomination Form:


Financial Documents

For Financial Documents go to the Finance page:  http://www.rotary7570.org/finance


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Policies & Procedures Manual

See the "Resources" Tab - "Policies & Procedures Manual"

Other District Documents

Other District Documents will be stored under the District Committee or Seminar Responsible for them.  Go to the Resources tab and select Committees & Seminars.


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District Goals Archive

District Goals 2021-22  (.pdf) - Gov. Tara  McCall
District Goals 2020-21  (.pdf) - Gov. Nancy Whitlock
District Goals 2018-19  (.pdf) - Gov. George Karnes

Policies & Procedures Archive