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Major Peace and Education Project Approved for Bogata, Colombia Global Grant 1642035 within $18,000 of Full Funding
The Johnson City and Bogota Laureles Rotary Clubs together announce Rotary Foundation approval of a major Community Peace and Basic Education Project in Soacha Colombia. The project will equip a newly constructed Child Literacy & Nutrition Center and provide a Peace Program to develop Community Leaders. 
Chris on the Run
We can’t keep up with Chris this month…whew! From visiting with the Buchanan Rotary club, to going biking to eradicate polio, then off to the River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg and ending with a yummy pancake dinner hosted by the Bridgewater Rotary club. He has traveled all over visiting, talking, and supporting our clubs and members this month. Take a closer look to read all about his travels! 
Spotlight on a Member: Thomas Bell
If there is anyone we might consider to be “everyman,” that person could be Tom Bell. He has moved through life with interests and goals but with choices often tempered by apparent options. His youthful curiosity about the world around him became manifest in an interest in science. He held a desire to see science be used in responsible ways and for the greatest discoveries to be beneficial to not only mankind, but to the world. 
Lost Rotarians
Ever lost a Rotarian?
No, not while out doing a service project or in the buffet line. I'm talking about losing their attention or their presence in our clubs. Let's be honest, we all have. 
Spotlight on a Club: Wytheville
This month we are focusing on the Wytheville club! Learn a little bit more about one of our own. The Wytheville club is involved in many fundraisers and community service activities that promote a positive and uplifting image to the community. One event that is held annually is their Dictionary Distribution Program. Keep up the good work Wytheville club! 
A New Billion Dollar Fund Begins
The Roanoke Valley Rotary Club has an idea! We are progressing and growing as the years pass and starting a new fund to encourage and challenge larger clubs seems like a great idea! Rotary started with a few men and $26.50, now our organization has grown internationally and we are exceeding $1.0 billion. These advancements all started with an idea! 
Chris Runion's Article
As our busy lives are sandwiched in among the holidays and celebrations of November and December, let me take a moment to thank each of you for your friendship, your friendliness and your service; not just to my family and our Rotary families, as we are truly blessed by you, but to all throughout the world whose lives and hearts are warmed by your efforts.
District Conference Awards: Your club deserves an Award!!
Has your club done something that you think is exceptional this year? It’s time for all our Rotary Clubs to be thinking about what their club has been doing that is noteworthy since 1 March 2016.  I’m positive that these Rotarians haven’t (more...)
Polio Free World- This Close- Says Rotary!
“Anyone who has seen a human being dragged across the ground because they have lost the use of their legs through polio would be moved to support this cause.” (Knapp) Imagining this scene not only tugs at your heart, but exemplifies why we fight for the eradication of polio. Global partnership has been progressing and we are ‘This Close’ to fending off polio once and for all. The “This Close” campaign is promoting public awareness of this disease and strives to inform and educate the community. 
Article 5- Gold Club Alert: Front Royal and Whytheville Morning in a “Statistical Tie” for the Points Lead!
This past month we celebrated Foundation Month! Clubs were ramping up Gold Club Activities and reported a significant increase in our Gold Club System. Take a look at the current updates we have accomplished thus far!
Rotary Tools
Launching our PolioPlus campaign 31 years ago, we have hit some major milestones and have made significant progress. Progress, unfortunately is occasionally accompanied with setbacks. Although, Nigeria went a whole year without a new case of polio, recently three new cases of wild polio have emerged and Nigeria has been re-classified as polio endemic. Our organization is prepared to continue the fight against polio, until no child is at risk and the world can be declared polio-free. We will continue our efforts to inform and educate our members on our advances with this campaign. 
District 7570 Rotary History Moment
Looking back through the years there are many historical moments that define our organization. In 1917, Arch C. Klumph proposed the creation of an “endowment fund for Rotary…for the purpose of doing good in the world in charitable, educational, and other avenues of service.” This proposal grew into something wonderfully unexpected that is still being implemented and is thriving within our organization today.
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