Awards-Club Partnership Service

Club Partnership Service: Recognizes the Club that best facilitates a large project working together with another Rotary Club, Rotaract Club, or Organization (examples: Government, Business, Nonprofit, Service Organization). The project can have a local or international focus while meeting the goals of Rotary. 

The application should:

  • Describe the large project accomplished.  Describe the Club’s leading role and the role of each participating Club and/or Organization (1-20 points).
  • List the percentage and number of Club Members who participated in the activity/project, and the total number of people working on the project (1-10 points).
  • Resulting Benefit: How did this activity/project help the intended audience (1-10 points).
  • Optional link to Supporting Video (up to three minutes) describing the project.
  • Banner and patch to submitting club 1st place winner, patches to other participating clubs; patches to 2nd place clubs.