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RYLA 2019/20 - April 16th-19th, 2020
The Skelton 4 H Center at Smith Mountain Lake

UPDATE: March 14th, 2020

Based on the current health events our country is facing, our RYLA event scheduled for April 16 has been CANCELLED.  While our hope is that the coronvirus event has run its course by April 16, we felt the prudent and right thing to do to go ahead and make this announcement. 

We will attempt to notify all the students and chaperones through email but I would ask each club to also reach out to your participants and share the news of this cancellation. 

The payments sent from the clubs have not been deposited yet and our plan is to shredd the checks. If any club needs their check returnned instead of shredded, please respond to this email with your club name and the address you want the check sent to.  You must do this by Friday, March 20 or your check will be shredded. 

We were very excited about this years event at the 4 H Center and are already planning for next years event.  We hope to announce the dates very soon. 

Thanks for everything you do and stay safe.

Robert H. Adams

We are excited to announce that District 7570 RYLA 2019/20 will be held April 16-19 at The Skelton 4 H Center at Smith Mountain Lake.

We have enjoyed a great program at The Inn at Virginia Tech for many years but the Inn is not available this year, as the university has taken the hotel over to use as dorm rooms. After an exhaustive search throughout the district, we believe the 4 H Center will meet our needs and allow us to enhance RYLA.

We are expanding the event from 3 days to 4 and adding new programs and activities while maintaining the cost at $300 per regular student and $200 for exchange students. Having RYLA in April will give us better weather and allow us to have some outside time. Since the date is now toward the end of the school year, we will target sophomores and juniors for our participants but will take seniors if they are selected.

See the  club and student registration packets below.  As always, reach out to Robert Adams at rlinc@hotmail.com if your have any questions.

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RYLA 2020 General Information

Rotary District 7570 sponsors the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Seminar (RYLA) annually. The seminar brings together high school juniors and senior from Winchester, Virginia to Greenville, Tennessee for a weekend of fun and an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills. Participants will have the opportunity to hear outstanding speakers, participate in team activities, practice leadership skills and grow personally by sharing ideas and experiences with peers throughout the district. Participation in the Rotary Four Way Test Speech Contest is encouraged but is optional. 
RYLA Dates and Location
April 16-19, 2020:  Skelton 4-H Educational Conference Center
775 Hermitage Road, Wirtz, VA 24184
RYLA Registration and Cost Information
Student RYLA Seminar costs and transportation are to be provided by the sponsoring Rotary Club.
Please make check out to Rotary District 7570 with RYLA/Speech Contest in the Memo.
Registration Deadline: Packets must be postmarked by Feb 17th, 2020
Students - $300 per person double occupancy
Speech Contestants- $50 (Optional but student shall be a RYLA registrant)
Youth Exchange Students - $200 per person double occupancy
Chaperones - $225 per person double occupancy; $300 per person single occupancy
Clubs that sponsor a total of four or more students are asked to send at least one chaperone.
Note: RYLA students who are participating in the Speech Contest must also complete the Speech Contest Registration form in addition to the RYLA Registration forms.
Transportation to and from RYLA:
Transportation is to be provided by the sponsoring Rotary Clubs, as no student is permitted to drive himself/herself to the RYLA Seminar. Student attendees will not be permitted to leave the seminar site while RYLA is in session. If there are special circumstances such as athletic competition, the attendee’s parents and sponsoring Rotary Club needs to make arrangements for student travel. Please include the contact information for the Rotarian transporting the student home on the Student Registration form.
RYLA On-site Seminar Check-in and Check-out
RYLA Check-in on Thursday, April 16, 2020 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.* - 
Students participating in the Speech Contest and RYLA may check-in for both during the Speech Contest check-in at 9:30 am.
Note: Please have students bring their own sack lunch on Friday December 2nd. 
RYLA Check-out is on Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. – 
RYLA Student Selection
Please coordinate with a high school counselor in early September. Rotary Clubs in District 7570 are encouraged to nominate at least one male and one female sophomore or junior (but seniors will be accepted) from each of their local high schools. This is an incredible leadership opportunity, so we ask Clubs to sponsor students who have not attended in previous years. Attendees should have a record of accomplishment in school, exhibit leadership qualities, and wish to improve their leadership skills.
Important: Please be sure to communicate directly with student parents and not rely on high school personnel to pass on information described in this information sheet.
RYLA Cancellations:
Cancellations made 30 days or more prior to the start of the seminar may receive a 100% refund. Between 15 and 30 days prior may receive a 50% refund. Within two weeks of the start of the seminar, there is no refund available. It is highly recommended that an alternate student be selected as a substitute attendee to attend the RYLA seminar. Alternate student registration must be submitted promptly.
Any inclement weather that occurs during the conference will be closely monitored. If it becomes necessary to cancel the seminar or arrange for alternate travel plans, parents and Sponsoring Clubs will be notified immediately.
Be a high school sophomore or junior but seniors will be accepted - Recommend students who have not previously attended
Have a record of accomplishment in school
Exhibit leadership qualities and a wish to improve leadership skills
Be willing to participate in group activities
Complete all application and release forms for the seminar
RYLA Volunteers
A background screening and volunteer certification will be conducted on all adult volunteers, chaperones and drivers associated with the RYLA Seminar in accordance with the District Youth Protection Policy.
Questions: If you have any questions about RYLA, please contact:
Robert Adams at rlinc@hotmail.com or 434-489-2682

Clubs must ensure that all drivers have completed a background screening certification through the District.  Contact Whit Krumm at rwkrumm@comcast.net for information and questions.


Important Documents for the RYLA events:

2020 RYLA Club Information Packet.pdf   (2020 packet - 12/09/19))
This packet is intended for Rotary Clubs and RYLA Coordinators to assist them with basic information for communicating with schools and selecting students to attend the RYLA Seminar. It also includes a cover sheet summary which must be attached to all registration packets.
2020 RYLA Student Registration Packet.pdf   (2020 packet - 12/09/19)
RYLA participants will have the opportunity to hear outstanding speakers, participate in team activities, practice leadership skills and grow personally by sharing ideas and experiences with their peers. Once this packet is completed by students and parents, it must be returned to the sponsoring Rotary Club via the High School Guidance Counselor or school representative.
All chaperones and drivers are required to complete and mail the background screening form annually to the Rotary District 7570 Youth Protection Officer listed on the bottom of the form. This form should not be mailed with the registration packets. 

Rotary International takes youth protection very seriously. This policy focuses on Youth Protection and adopts the principles and practices outlined in the Rotary International governing documents including “The 4-Way Test”, “The Rotary Code of Conduct for Working with Youth”, and “The Charter for Child Protection”. For reference, these documents can be found in the Addenda Section of this Policy.