Area 4 and Area 5 Clubs Combine For DG Visit

DG Dick Ray visited Rotary Clubs of Amherst and Nelson County on August 24, 2017 starting at 5pm with leaders from each club and then the meal was served at 6pm.  The get together was a success and everyone had a great time meeting with Dick Ray.  The meeting was held at The Nelson Center in Lovingston, VA. During the meeting everyone enjoyed an excellent meal provided by the caterer from Nelson County. I quote one member from Amherst Club who said, "We could ready get spoiled here."The meal was outstanding. One member from the Amherst Club stated he had been in Rotary over 50 years and he said DG Ray was one of the most down to earth DGs he has ever heard.  Great Job to Dick as he talked to the Clubs.  The Clubs of Nelson County and Amherst hopefully will do some combining of activities in the future.
Respectfully Submitted

Jim Hall, Nelson County Rotary Club 

  DG Visit with Rotary Clubs of Amherst and Nelson County