Lynchburg Rotary returns to East Africa

In September four members of The Rotary Club of Lynchburg will travel to the nation of Malawi in East Africa for a two-week mission trip, working in partnership with a team from First Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg.  They will address a variety of local needs during their stay, as they have done on several previous trips to the same region.

One particular focus of this trip will be the delivery of solar-powered light fixtures. Electrical service in the area is spotty, limited and often unreliable, especially during seasonal changes. The limited availability of reliable electrical light affects everything from medical care to a young person's ability to read a book at home.

The solar-powered light fixtures, which are both compact and portable, will provide a great deal of utility and flexibility to local residents in the lighting of their clinic, their school and their homes, allowing them to provide task lighting wherever and whenever they need it.

The team will also deliver about 20 laptop computers donated by Liberty University. They will conduct training sessions in the local school, all as part of the teaching activities which are a regular feature of the trips. The computers will be left for ongoing use by the students, which will help them become qualified and ready to pursue higher levels of education within the national educational system.

On their previous trips to Malawi, members of Lynchburg Rotary have built school buildings, repaired generators, installed a grain mill and assisted in the installation of clean water wells and pumps. The common thread in all of the projects is the creation and maintenance of an infrastructure which helps the people of the region build their own future. Members of the Lynchburg club have formed deep and meaningful friendships with local people along the way, and are eager to see them again.

The team from Lynchburg also hopes to attend a regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Mzuzu, which is both well-known and highly regarded throughout the region and the world of Rotary. The Mzuzu club has been instrumental in supporting a wide variety of mission activities in East Africa for many years.

The entire trip will be recorded and shared in a special series of blog posts on the new website of the Rotary Club of Lynchburg, located at http://LynchburgRotary.Club.  We invite all of our fellow Rotarians to visit the new site in the weeks ahead, especially for the purpose of being with us -- in spirit and online -- as we return to work with our great good friends in Malawi.