Rotary Goes to the Ends of the Earth to Deliver Clean Water

Rotary Goes to the Ends of the Earth to Deliver Clean Water
Walter Hughes

Dear fellow Rotarians and Friends,
It has been an amazing month in Ghana. I promise more updates once I am home. The trip has been fast paced. I fall asleep at the end of the day. A month is just not enough time to encourage every Rotarian in Ghana and to visit every community where we have something happening.
We've actually had three teams during this month. The teams have been great. We've gone over 90% of Ghana this month looking at Rotary projects. Most of the work has been clean water and sanitation. The Ghanaian Rotarians have picked very remote locations to do their work which requires us to go to the ends of the earth. This year, we've gone to at least three places that fit that description.
We've spent time evaluating the sustainability of projects that ended in 2015-2016. We've spent time planning future projects that are being funded by many of you. Most of our time has been visiting the new wells or boreholes in three regions of Ghana.
On Friday, we will have the joy to celebrate the opening of the new Tonasuano Elementary School block. The school was a dream that started when we drilled a Rotary well in that village. The school was funded by Redwood United Methodist Church. Rotary will provide Microflush toilets and a computer lab in the next year.
I've been inspired by Rotarians here who have a passion for transforming lives. I hope that I've encouraged them to light that flame. We've done an amazing job as Rotarians with our projects. We have a check list of wells that need to have stronger pumps or something fixed before we are satisfied that we've done our best. The promise is that we will make sure that water is flowing to everyone of our community. It is possible with your assistance. I'm honored to represent you in Ghana.
Once we get home we hope to put the finishing touches on our next Rotary global grant. We've got one more day of hard work before I get to take off most of the weekend before heading home to the USA.
Regards, Walter Hughes
Traveling around Ghana

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 Borehole poverty homes

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 Tonasuano School lights and smiles

 AgewkwoKrom borehole committee

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 Microflush toilet

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