Spotlight on a Club: Rocky Mount

Spotlight on a Club
Rocky Mount
Amber Wilborne
Breath of Fresh Air
When 2016-2017 President Tim Wilborne was inducted, his first order of business was a club survey to find out what direction the club wanted to go during his presidency. The survey was a huge success and very effective. Highlights of the survey from club members were:
Work with local government projects.
Collaborate with Franklin County's Parks & Recreation Facility.
Come along side fellow Rotary Clubs and their current initiatives.
Participation in local community projects.
FUN! Yes fun outside of the club meetings.
One of the first major club meetings was a group collaborative effort to form project ideas for the 2016-2017 year. Members participated in "Table Discussions" led by President Elect Lisa Nichols. The result was a fun brainstorming exercise that produced these top three results:
Education, advancement, and tech facilities.
Young professionals support system in the area.
Poor transportation in the community.
The club puts on an Independence Festival in Rocky Mount, Virginia at the football field of Franklin County High School. It is the club's major yearly fundraiser and it is a blast! What better way to serve your community than with live music, games, food, and fireworks! The club members look forward to this time spent with the community every year. A lot of prep goes into the next festival just as soon as the last festival has ended. Every member has a part in the planning and participates on festival day. It is always a success!
Along the lines of FUN, the club has had events that would involve members and their families.
 "Chaos In Rotary" took place at Chaos Mountain Brewery. The event allowed members to mingle and introduce their families to each other. All clubs should consider throwing a little chaos in their club Rocky Mount and members' families celebrated the holidays together with dinner at one of the area's local restaurants. Because these events were such good FUN, they are going to continue them every few months!
The Rotary Club of Rocky Mount's district project has exceeded all expectations. The Community Giving Garden's initiative was started to bring healthier options to children and families who normally would not have access to them. The vegetables grown are planted and tended by local community volunteers. The produce is harvested and sent to area local food banks, churches, and soup kitchens for distribution.
The club includes a diverse membership who are passionate about the local community. Rocky Mount has 44 members, 30% are women, who are dedicated to the progress of the Franklin County community.
They were privileged to honor fellow member Garland Bowman with his 50 years of perfect attendance He must have been a wee babe when he joined Rotary because he doesn't look a day over 50.