Inspiration & Celebration: To Do Good in the World. Conference 2017!

Friday, March 17th Conference opens for each of you. Please join Jennifer and I as we celebrate with you our legacies, experience our inspirations and renew the joyfulness of friendships deepened through years of service and fellowship. The Conference experience focuses upon you and is designed for you to share your voice of service, accomplishment and vision with the most interesting people in the world, your fellow Rotarians. As we continue to focus upon doing good in the world, take the opportunity to register.
Come join with your friends for our PolioPlus walk (Tracy Blido is leading the way), or help our Interactors pack 20,000 Stop Hunger Now meals, listen to the hearts of Mary French, Dan Pallotta, Jean Hatfield, Mark Fernandez and Ramesh Ferris as they share their stories. Celebrate your successes, laugh over our goof ups and have a great time knowing you continue to change someone’s community and life as well as our own. Take time to register today – we are looking forward to visiting.
Today, I had the opportunity to listen to RI President John talk about what Rotary is – he quizzed us – “What business is Rotary in?” - many answered a service club, others answered ‘Fellowship’. All correct, but John suggested we are more: we are in the business of PEOPLE! Serving Humanity in many ways we know are important to the world, but most importantly in those ways that are important to us. He shared (and I paraphrase) with us the significance to each of the letters in PEOPLE:
- Pride: in what we do and how we go about it
- Endowment: to do good in the world
- Opportunity: for us to give opportunities to others, those we will never meet or know
- Perseverance: think Polio eradication, since 1985 and we are this close!
- Leadership: as Rotarians we have assumed the mantle, knowing as Paul Harris said, we will be judged by our deeds
- Enthusiasm: you have worked hard, creating an immeasurable legacy, many dreams realized with many yet to go.
I have always appreciated John’s vision, leadership and encouragement, but most all his friendliness and his friendship and I remain inspired knowing all we have yet to accomplish. John closed with a thought I would like to offer to you as well: We are only limited by initiative or by our lack of intuitive, let’s continue forward!
So don’t forget: Registration is open in the Calendar on the District web site – please contact your Club Conference Representative or other club officers or me ( or 540-578-3380) with any questions, suggestions or just to say hello. Early bird savings are only available for a couple more weeks (prices increase February 17), so don’t delay!
We look forward to seeing and visiting with each of you during Conference 2017!
DG Chris
Chris and Jennifer
District Governor 2016-2017