Area Clubs Partner to Help Those Struggling with Addiction

Area Clubs Partner to Help Those Struggling with Addiction
Gary Chrisman
Area One Rotary Clubs are collaborating on a grant that focuses on solutions to the addiction crisis. In June, a grant funding the “Providing Hope Support Program” was awarded to the Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition (NSVSAC). The grant provides training to individuals in recovery who want to become certified peer recovery specialists and supports transportation needs of individuals who are participants of the Northwest Regional Adult Drug Treatment Court. The 46-hour peer recovery specialist training was held November 28th – Decem-ber 2nd by The Appalachian Consulting Group out of Georgia. Thirty-two individuals graduated from the training. The NSVSAC is now developing a process by which these individuals can be utilized to serve those in our community who are suffering with the disease of addiction. Areas in which the peers will serve include:
At the hospital when an individual is taken to the emergency department following a drug overdose
To a pregnant woman suffering with a substance use disorder (prenatal or postpartum)
To a father suffering with a substance use disor-der
To a law enforcement officer who has made contact with an individual with a substance use disorder
To the jail to serve those who are incarcerated
To meet with participants of the Northwest Regional Adult Drug Treatment Court
The partnership that has been developed between the NSVSAC and the Area One Rotary Clubs has been invaluable. Members of Rotary have volunteered their time helping to mentor drug court participants by assisting with building resumes and have met other needs of the participants.
On December 9, 2016 Winchester Rotary Club member Marc Jaccard attended the NSVSAC’s executive committee meeting and the group identified the following areas Rotary Clubs can be of assistance in 2017 to address the addiction crisis.
Providing food assistance to drug court participants who are in need
Creating a “Rotary Housing Fund” within the Coalition’s account to ensure individuals who are in treatment for addiction have a sober place to call home
Creating a subcommittee to help with employ-ment challenges for those with a criminal record
Having a representative from Rotary to serve on each of the NSVSAC’s subcommittees