District Conference Awards Due on 1 February 2017

Distict Conference Awards deadline is 1 February.  If you have any questions please email Lori Sadler @  lorisadler2@yahoo.com.  See you on the Red Carpet at our District Conference!

The District Conference Awards Committee, desires that every club submit for one or more of our District Conference Awards which range from Youth Services to Club Social Media.  All of our clubs have worked hard over the year to do good in their communities and the world.  Submit your aopplications by 1 February to ensure that they are in the running to be recognized this year for their work.

General information can be seen at the Dist 7570 Website.  Go to Rotary7570.org.  Click on Resources. Click on Dist Downloads. Scroll down to Other Dist Documents and Click on Go there Now.  Click on District Conference Awards and click on view.  Review the information provided.

For information and template to use to format your information go to the Dist Website drop down tabs and click on EVENTS.  Click on District Awards there you will find Instructions and a template for the application.  You can also see the applications of last years winners.  Remember the application must be submitted by email by 1 February 2017.  Thanks.

Any questions?  Please call or email me at lorisadler2@yahoo.com or 540-817-8259.