District Governor's Article

Over the past six weeks, our family celebrations and holiday events have reminded us of our blessings and opportunities and given each of us the time for meaningful reflection of that which is truly important. As the world careens among natural disasters, manmade crisis and human challenges we know that as Rotarians, we are able to offer resources, assistance and most importantly hope for many – and we know for the New Year we will continue to be Rotarians with a renewed commitment and engagement to do good in the world.
Conference 2017!
Inspiration – Innovation – Celebration
Our Conference 2017! Team has a fascinating and engaging conference planned for you; an opportunity for each of us to continue to grow as Rotarians and experience the many facets of our Rotary.
Unite with our Interactors to help feed the world with a Stop Hunger Now service project, join our walk of the grounds of the Homestead as we become this much closer to eradicating Polio, hear life changing stories from our world class VTT, RYLA and Scholarship participants. Listen to the personal stories of Mary French – the Dictionary Project, Jean Irwin Hatfield – Literacy, Mark Fernandes – Visionary Values Based Leadership; Ramesh Ferris, Polio Eradication Champion and Dan Pallotta, Purpose Driven Innovator and know as Rotarians we can share and celebrate their inspiration and commitment!
Look for registration to open soon in early January, and please accept our personal invitation to experience the celebration of Conference 2017!, March 17 – 19, 2017

A short six months ago we began our new Rotary year. As we have for the past 112 years, our focus remains on improving humanity in our neighborhoods and worldwide, serving others and changing the future of the world. Please allow me a moment to thank you for your accomplishments and to also to ask you to thank your fellow Rotarians for all they continue to do. As we purposefully journey through 2017, our continued focus of goodwill and friendship allows us to know we can help bring peace, health, enlightenment and hope for all.
Take care and all the best,
DG Chris
Chris and Jennifer
District Governor 2016-2017