Christiansburg-Blacksburg Club Combining Fundraising and Community Service

Christiansburg-Blacksburg Club Combining Fundraising and Community Service

Tom Shaver
Twice each year, The Rotary Club of Christiansburg-Blacksburg combines Fund-Raising with Community Service. In partnership with the LewisGale Hospital Montgomery, the Club sponsors Blood Screening events in the Spring and Fall. The Rotary Club advertises the events, handles paperwork for pre-registration and same-day registration, facilitates the check-in process and provides hospitality services at the hospital on the days of the screening.

The Virginia Tech Rotaract Club also turns out to assist. The screening provides a comprehensive lab report to the patient and to their doctor. This information can help to identify anomalies in the blood work and it allows the patient and their physician to follow-up on potential concerns. At each session, 350 to 450 patients will participate in the screening. With the hospital’s support, we have been able to make this a very affordable service. The current price is only $40 per screening. The hospital splits the cost with Rotary, making this the largest contribution to our annual Community Service budget.

 Rotarians Les Myers & Don Mullins, greet & register participants for the Blood Screening

Members of the Virginia Tech Rotaract Club assist with the logistics and greeting of participants.

 Club President, Tim Haasken (R), greets helpers from the Virginia Tech Rotaract Club.