Major Peace and Education Project Approved for Bogata, Colombia Global Grant 1642035 within $18,000 of Full Funding

Major Peace and Education Project Approved for Bogata, Colombia Global Grant 1642035 within $18,000 of Full Funding
Richard Ray
The Johnson City and Bogota Laureles Rotary Clubs together announce Rotary Foundation approval of a major Community Peace and Basic Education Project in Soacha Colombia. The project will equip a newly constructed Child Literacy & Nutrition Center and provide a Peace Program to develop Community Leaders. This project will initially benefit 500 in the Peace Program and 250 in the Child Literacy Program. Thousands will benefit over the project life. We are within $18,000 of full project funding thanks to participation by the Lexington Sunrise and Salem Clubs. We invite interested Rotarians to join us!
Soacha is on the southwestern edge of Bogota, having 500,000 residents mostly fled from dangerous rural Colombia. The flight from rural conflict to this "shantytown" leaves 100,000 children vic-tims of malnutrition, violence, drugs and illiteracy. Soacha children are exposed to urban dangers in the “classroom streets” at a young age. Many children live in single-parent households relo-cated from rural areas to shanty construction and little if any household wages.

We start with a newly constructed shell built by fellow Rotarians in Bogota and located on property nearby the existing school. The three floors are offset to capture natural light. Windows and doors are designed for required security. Floors are designed to accommodate community meetings, nutrition and literacy programs totaling 4,500 square feet.
We will move the existing program to our new facility, and provide a one year Community Peace Program led by two qualified social workers. We will expand the Learning Program serving youth 3 to 13 years old, rotating with new classes each year. Our on-going Rotary program will provide a complete meal based on soy product, and elementary curriculum instruction via classroom, library and internet resources. Most students attend half day public school at full capacity.
Our Peace Program will teach youth and adults community fundamentals based on Identity, Valuation of Life, Sex Education, Conflict Resolution, and Community Leadership. The program will form community leaders concentrated on peace, stability and conflict prevention. Trained leaders will be responsible for on-going peace related community projects.
The total project cost, excluding the land and building shell, is $135,000. A team of Supporting USA Rotari-ans will visit the project in May 2017.
You are welcome to join us! Help up complete this project!
For more information contact:
Richard Ray, DGE, RC Johnson City
Woody Sadler, PDG, RC of Lexington Sunrise
June Long, RC of Salem
Reference: Global Grant 1642035