A New Billion Dollar Fund Begins

A N E W $(B)illion Dollar Fund Begins!
Joe Ferguson fljbox@comcast.net
We would all agree that many large successes had their beginnings in small ways! Seem-ingly inconsequential at the time! -often started with small groups, adopted by followers having common interests; then grew and GREW! And NOW ARE [IS] a dominant force in worldwide benevolent humanitarian efforts!
Rotary started that way! The Rotary Foundation started that way!
First there was one (man), then four, six; now 1.2 million; first there was $26.50, now ex-ceeding $1.0B. One hundred-eleven years ago Paul Harris had the idea; one hundred years ago Arch Klumpf had the idea; now the Roanoke Valley Rotary Club HAS an idea!
Small beginnings, great expectations!
Start a new billion-dollar fund, encourage and challenge larger groups (clubs); focus on Polio Eradication; deliver in a short term (Atlanta bound- 100 years!). Small be-ginnings, potentially larger results!
The Rotary Club of Roanoke Valley challenges larger clubs; join The Roanoke Valley Club in a start-up of a new billion-dollar effort- $26.50 at a time. Their club membership is small, AND 100% committed.
A generous District 7570 donor will match $1:$1 for the first 100 donors. Remember: The Gates Foundation will match ALL gifts $2:$1.
Make tax deductible checks payable to The Rotary Foundation.
Send the $26.50 gifts to Rotary Treasurer Jim Ridenour, Jr.,
P.O. Box 364, Staunton, VA 24402 .
Include your Rotary Identification Number on the check.
Goal: $1,000,000,000. It can happen, it has!
The effort starts NOW!