Chris Runion's Article

As our busy lives are sandwiched in among the holidays and celebrations of No-vember and December, let me take a mo-ment to thank each of you for your friendship, your friendliness and your service; not just to my family and our Rotary families, as we are truly blessed by you, but to all throughout the world whose lives and hearts are warmed by your efforts. Our opportunities for service abound, as clubs fellowship together and with our communities. Ringing the bell for our friends at the Salvation Army, gath-ering food for gift baskets, filling shoeboxes for children throughout the world or providing a coat or pair of shoes to someone without. As we continue to do good in the world, of many we will never meet, our lives also continue to be changed and we celebrate and appreciate the community peace and fel-lowship for all mankind.
As we continue through our Rotary year, many milestones have been passed, clubs and Rotarians continue to achieve goals, celebrate success and prepare for our next chapter. Please join me in congratulating Tim Carter, Rotary Club of Woodstock, for his selection as District Governor Nominee-designate for Rotary year 2019 – 2020. Tim is past President of his club and has previously served as Assistant Governor for Area 2. Tim is married to Karen and they have a daughter Mona; the family lives in Shenan-doah County. Please join me in congratulating Tim on his selection.
I would like to take a moment to thank those several other candidates for Governor for their offer of service to the District; we are more than fortunate to have many Rotarians with exceptional skills, abilities and passion for ser-vice and I sincerely appreciate each person’s efforts and contributions. As you read about committee and assistant governor selections for the coming year, we can see our District is most fortunate to continue with the excep-tional and committed leadership as volunteered throughout. Coupled with our individual Rotarians and Clubs of exceptional note we continue to serve. Thank you to each for your service now, those that have served in the past and those that are step-ping forward to serve for the future.
Our December Rotary Foundation Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment builds upon our Polio Eradication. We are indeed close to global eradication and cannot give up while on the edge of success. Remember there have been only 31 cases in 2016 and we are days away from this year’s end. As we travel through the district, countless Rotarians have told me their Polio story; survivors, family members, and friends – the impact of polio on folks in our communities continues to today. Their heartfelt expres-sion of commitment to eradication is inspiring and reminds me of the impor-tance of our continued focus on total elimination of the virus worldwide. We are pleased to report over $23,000 has been raised during our recent Gover-nor visits to the clubs and areas. These dollars are in addition to the gener-osity of the each club annual PolioPlus contributions; your generosity is humbling and truly appreciated. Thank you for your support and your commitment.
Rotarians also support health initiatives world-wide; Our District is collaborating with Districts 7780 (Massachusetts) and 9211 (Tanzania) to bring together a global grab and VTT project to improve healthcare in northeast Tanzania. I am excited to report our positive progress to date and want to thank Grants Chair Mike Mefford and our entire district foundation Team lead by PDG Ron Ferrill for their herculean ef-forts. More news to come as the project moves through RI review and processing. For projects such as this, collaboration is the key to multiplier of our resources and success. Please consider opportunities on your own or in partnership with other clubs or civic organizations to promote the health and well-being of ourselves and others.
Thank you each, it is my privilege and please to serve with you all.
Our best wishes to each of you - Happy Holidays! DG Chris
Chris and Jennifer
District Governor 2016-2017