Article 5- Gold Club Alert: Front Royal and Whytheville Morning in a “Statistical Tie” for the Points Lead!

Gold Club Alert: Front Royal and Wytheville Morning in a “Statistical Tie” for the Points Lead!
Richard Ray
Entering Foundation Month, our clubs are ramping up Gold Club Activities and are reporting record activity in our Gold Club System. Front Royal and Wytheville Morning Clubs each report 58 Activities accom-plished this year! Rocky Mount follows with 46 Activities.
Clubs seizing the Gold Club Challenge tackle 22 Mandatory and a few Elective Activities based on Club size. The new Tracking System (DACdb: Clubs Tab, Gold Club Option) scores one point for each Activity and accumulates total points. Clubs leading in Activities thus far:
Clubs > 100 Members:
Harrisonburg: 32 Activities
Blacksburg & Johnson City: 12 Activities each
Clubs 50 – 100 Members:
Front Royal: 58 Activities
Danville: 35 Activities
Lynchburg: 21 Activities
Clubs < 50 Members:
Wytheville Morning: 58 Activities
Rocky Mount: 46 Activities
Warren County: 38 Activities
Next Elective Activity Due Date: December 5th: Sponsor a Student in the RYLA Speech Contest. The Gold Club finish line is February 1, 2017. Please direct questions to your Assistant Governor and join the race towards Gold Club! - Richard Ray, DGE