An Opportunity To Make A Lasting Gift

Serving as the District governor last year I visited with many of you in your clubs, at District events, on the phone, and for some, through email correspondences. What I was fortunate enough to have reinforced in my mind during each of these events and conversations is something that I believe we all already know – that each of us is a Rotarian because of our desire to support others; to help others; to give of ourselves.
As a FedEx pilot, I visit and explore other countries and cultures. What I am fortunate enough to have rein-forced during each of these trips abroad is something that we have forgotten – or do not believe - that a ma-jority of the human race is all the same REGARDLESS of culture, of ethnic origin or any other variable – that each person alive desires to support others; to help others; to give of ourselves. It is quite a parallel; don’t you think?
The primary difference that I have found is that most Americans have a greater opportunity to help financially than our friends in other cultures. Most of us, especially most Rotarians, have the financial base that will al-low us to help – in a truly meaningful and impactful way – to do good in the world; to give of our ourselves to others in need.
The challenge, my dear friend, is simply deciding to do so.
One of the ways that Janice and I have ensured that we will be able to give of ourselves is by joining the Ro-tary Foundation’s Bequest Society. In our opinion, having a part of our estate directed to The Rotary Foun-dation will be our final ‘thank you’ to this great organization for everything that Rotary has done for us. It will be our final gesture of gratitude. It is our Gift to the World, our opportunity to participate in Rotary Serving Humanity. It is an assurance that others will be helped through the blessings that we have so humbly re-ceived.
This year, as The Foundation celebrates its 100th Anniversary, I ask you to join Janice and me and the 51 other District 7570 Rotarians that are Bequest Society members. You will find details about all of the ways you can support “Our” Foundation, including the Bequest Society, in an article written by PDG Joe Ferguson in last month’s newsletter (page 10).
Enrich the lives of others with your estate planning, become a Bequest Soci-ety Member and be confident that your commitment to Rotary, and to our neighbors everywhere, will be a lasting gift.

Please stay safe in all you do,


IPDG Alex Wilkins                  
Alex Wilkins