"4 Quarters A Month", is going to be the CART slogan for District 7570. Just think if every Rotarian in our District gave "4 Quarters A Month" we could raise $38,000 a year to fight Alzheimers. Remember yours and others Alzheimers stories, we all have one. Isn't "4 Quarters A Month" worth finding a cure for Alzheimers?

What have our CART donations done to fight Alzheimers thus far? Below is a report from one of the 2014 CART Grant recipients.

On July 14th of 2014 the CART fund granted Dr. Chuanhai Cao $50,000 to use antigen sensitized dendritic cells as a vaccine against Alzheimers disease. This seed grant has allowed Dr. Cao to continue his patented technology in developing a safe and effective therapeutic based vaccine for Alzheimers disease. Dr. Cao has further confirmed his previous discovery and identified new applications of the technology with this seed grant. This therapeutic vaccine has very unique functions including modulating both innate and acquired immune systems which will significantly help the AD patients to fix their impaired immune system associated with aging. This novel therapeutic vaccine has been licensed by Alzamend Neuro Inc. (a Delaware based company) that is dedicated to finding a cure for AD.  The company has made a substantial investment and is working with FDA for IND application.  Dr. Cao has expressed his sincere thanks to the CART foundation and all donors to the CART fund for their vision of providing funds to his project. He said, "With CART's help, we have brought great promise to AD patients."  He and the company expect to work with the CART fund to help AD patients in the future.

The "4 Quarters A Month" in the BLUE BUCKETS do make a difference!!!

Woody Sadler PDG
District CART Chair