District 7570 has a Friendship Exchange Committee again!!

DG Chris has asked this committee to explore in- and outbound exchanges. This year, with an emphasis as a stop-over for Rotarians heading for the RI Convention in Atlanta, GA. Our District has not had a Friendship Exchange Committee for about 5 years, so we’re sort of starting from scratch.

The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to experience other cultures first hand, by participating in reciprocal visits with Rotarians from other countries and their families. The goal of the program is to advance international understanding, goodwill and peace through person-to-person contacts across national boundaries and can include specific service projects.  
There are three main types, funded entirely by the individuals concerned, i.e. NO financial support from RI:
·       Visitor exchange (Rotarian couple and family, 3-7 days),
·       Team exchange (several Rotarians and couples, one to four weeks to different communities in the district)
·       Univocational Exchange (guest and host are of the same profession)

District 7570 details are posted on the RI RFE Matching Board at

Outbound Rotarians interested in any type of exchange can best work thru their Club president, providing detailed information as to how many in the party, what type of exchange, specific destination, duration etc. The Club president will follow up with the Chair of the District Committee (e-mail: ) who will in turn approach the RFE contact for the destination-District to explore what can be worked out.

Currently we have District 3510 of Taiwan expressing an interest in receiving Visitor exchanges for up to 6 families for 10-14 days. Best time to travel: November thru March, temperature around 77 F, low humidity.  The people of Taiwan are famous for their hospitality. 

 We also have an invitation from District 3292 Nepal (between India and China), in particular from the RC of Arghakhanchi. Of course Nepal is the country of the world’s highest mountain range including Mount Everest. Other than climbing Mount Everest one can enjoy White Water rafting, Trekking, Jungle Safari, Helicopter tour and …. Bungee Jumping. The Club would also be interested in developing some rapport with our District in a joint project. 
To accommodate INBOUND Rotarians we need to develop a data base of Rotarians, preferably by Area, willing to host and assist Rotarians who are interested in visiting our District.  To start a data-base, Rotarians interested in hosting, former GSE hosts possibly?,  please submit the following information: Name, address, District area, number of people in household, pets,  to Case Pieterman at: Please mark your e-mail in the subject line: Hosting RFE Rotarians.  
Committee members are: PAG Ernie Bentley, DGN George Karnes, PP Kathy Napier, PDG Ron Napier, AG Susan Ojanen, DGE Dick Ray, DG Chris Runion and PAG Case Pieterman (Chair).