ShelterBox Wins International Award - ShelterBox Press Release

ShelterBox is used to being in the spotlight for its humanitarian work, but now it has been 
recognized for its business credibility in an award aimed at global corporations worldwide. Acquisition International is a UK-based magazine targeting corporate finance around the world. It has just awarded ShelterBox the title of ‘Disaster Relief Charity of the Year’ in its annual Business Excellence Awards.
In a letter to ShelterBox, Acquisition International’s Awards Executive, Nathan Angell, writes, ‘Thanks to your tireless work and dedication, not to mention your superb performance over the past twelve months, Acquisition International is thrilled to crown you ‘Disaster Relief Charity of the Year’. The 2015 Business Excellence Awards are all about identifying and honoring the most respected companies and their executives, while recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance, success, innovation and ethics across international business communities.’
Alison Wallace, ShelterBox CEO says, ‘Like other charities, we are so focused on our humanitarian aims that it seems incongruous to think of ourselves as a business. But we are, and we operate in a very competitive marketplace. We must be business-like in our stewardship of the money that donors entrust to us, we must always seek best value in procuring, transporting and delivering our aid, and must communicate well with our supporters, volunteers and the public.’ 

‘Which is why it is very heartening to be applauded by business experts by this award.
‘ShelterBox’s management, Board of Trustees and staff work to stated values of respect, honesty, integrity, accountability and resourcefulness. I think that living up to those ideals makes ShelterBox a great organization, and a great force in disaster relief.’