Update on Rotary’s SANDY Relief

Update on Rotary’s progress on SANDY relief efforts, where your support went:

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Thank You for Caring for Hurricane Sandy Victims
Dear Woody 
Painting firehouse
Painting the firehouse in Little Ferry, NJ
   It has been five months now since Hurricane Sandy hit our shores, and we wanted to share with you the progress we have made.
But there is still a lot of need -- in some cases for supplies and in some cases for volunteers.  We have included information on each of the six most-affected Rotary districts here. If you would like to volunteer, get in touch with the person listed in the texts below.
Not yet a Rotarian?  We would love to have you join us! Go to our website at www.nynjrotary.org and someone from a Rotary Club near you will get in touch with you and invite you to a Rotary meeting.
So What Are We Doing with your Donations?
District 7230 (Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester and Bermuda)
PDG Don Lee is in charge of working with Rotarians on Staten Island. They are applying for Rotary Foundation matching grants.  The first project is to set up and help run mental health programs for children whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The second one is to rebuild the Community Center near South Beach on Staten Island. Other clubs in the area, such as the Chinatown Rotary and Metro New York and the Wall Street Club are all conducting smaller-scale projects helping homeless people in Lower Manhattan by helping soup kitchens.
District 7250 (Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau Counties, NY)
District 7250 has been giving cash /checks to affected people and Rotarians in the affected areas.
District 7260 (Suffolk County, Long Island, NY)
First  we would like to say," Thank you so much!" to all the districts that have be so gracious as to send us money at this difficult time.  We have taken a district approach that Rotary is not a first responder but is there for the long run. We have shared the funds with clubs who had a need in their community that they were tackling
We are holding some of the funds so that we can do a major project with matching funds to help.  One such idea we are pursuing is paying for Pre and Post day care after school for victims of Sandy.  We felt that this would give continuous income to the most affected families.  We are also doing a grant with the Suffolk Library system to provide IPods with children' literature to be given to one child of each displaced family  Hopefully giving them a constructive use of their time as they are living with their families in single rooms in hotels.
The victims at this time are still in hardship situations as they wait for FEMA and Insurance money to come.  I have also heard that the Black mold is not killed by Clorox (which is what most home owners used) and it is starting to show up again as the weather warms.  They are in need of the product Congronium.   Another need is that the food kitchens now have to supply even larger numbers of people.  They are always in the need of food.
District 7490 (Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties, NJ)
Our District in Northern New Jersey decided to concentrate on infra-structure rather than on rebuilding individuals' homes.  Our South Bergen Rotary Club and our Hoboken Rotary Club distributed more than $10,000 in gift cards ($5,000 from our local Ikea alone) to those residents and Rotarians who had lost their homes or businesses so that they could buy furniture, building supplies or whatever they needed.  We also shared about $10,000 in gift cards that we purchased with the other five districts. Here are the major projects we undertook:
  • Re-building and refurbishing of two Little Ferry Firehouses (Hook and Ladder and Hose Company).  In collaboration with Rebuilding America - Bergen, we paid for the furring and walls for both firehouses. One of our Rotarians, a cabinet maker, donated both supplies and his labor to build the cabinetry work in the Hook and Ladder Firehouse.  Rotarians turned out to paint the Hook and Ladder firehouse last month; more will paint the Hose Company firehouse next week.
  • Renovation of the recreational fields and playgrounds in Secaucus, NJ that had been destroyed by the flood
  • Donating a first-responder vehicle and stretcher to the Hoboken Ambulance Corps
  • Donating equipment, a stretcher and an ATV to the Moonachie Ambulance Corps
  • Participating in a Muck-Out Day this coming weekend (March 30) and providing lunch for more than 200 volunteers.
  • Purchase of 10 generators at the beginning of the crisis to supplement the 27 generators donated by Rotary District 7210
  • Rebuilding and refurbishing the Moonachie Senior Center (just getting started on this).
  • Providing supplies and expenses for the Bergen County Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Center in Moonachie.
  • Paying for material for bunk beds for the Little Moon Hostel in Moonachie, a volunteer center where volunteers from throughout the country can stay while they are helping with projects.
  • The South Bergen Rotary Club (Moonachie and Little Ferry) provided Christmas presents for 180 families through its Sandy Santa program, and purchased computers and I-pads for the schools in Little Ferry and Moonachie.
Thank you all so much for your help and support!
District 7500 (Monmouth, Ocean & Burlington Counties, NJ)
Hurricane Sandy Recovery Update: Yes we still need food! There are areas where the houses are not yet rebuilt enough to allow use of a kitchen. Non-perishable  food should be sent to CVR, c/o Russell Anderson, 15 Meridian Rd, Eatontown, NJ. (email: russell@cvrus.org). In addition we need household appliances such as washer/drier, stove/ovens, furniture (no cloth or padding). Please send these items to CVR as well.
Ready for hands-on work rebuilding? Put on your tool belt and report to Union Beach, the single hardest hit area in all of Monmouth & Ocean counties. Over 300 homes washed away and there are 1800 homes in need of extensive repair. Volunteers are needed to install insulation and sheetrock. Contact the Union Beach town administrator, Jennifer Maier at 732-264-3026 at least one day before reporting for work. Work takes place Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm. You will need to report to the Boro Hall to sign a hold harmless clause before the start of the work day. Materials will be supplied for you at a designated home.
Rotary District 7500 has sent in enough materials to rebuild 40 homes in Union Beach. It costs approximately $820 for insulation and sheetrock for one house. We are also in the process of supplying materials for Fire Houses and First Aid buildings throughout the District. You can easily donate to this cause by sending your donations to our 501C3, Forked River Rotary Club Foundation, c/o District Governor Joan Vas, 10 Edgewater Drive, Matawan, NJ 07747.
Thank you for your continued support on this long Rotary Road to Recovery. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
District 7640 (Atlantic, Cape May, Salem, Gloucester and Camden Counties)
This District is working on trying to get people back into their homes in Barnaget, Fortescue and, Brigantine, plus once club in Atlantic City. We are supplying individual home owners with sheet rock and other materials. They are taking the neediest ones first, especially those who have family members with disabilities. 
 We also want to extend special thanks to the world-famous dance troupe, Celtic Chiefs, for their recent donation, which will be shared by all of the districts. 
Bonnie Sirower, District Governor                              Connie Gevinski, District Governor
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