Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club puts the world in the hands of third graders

 “Thank you, Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club (LSRC), Rockbridge County Schools Foundation (RCPSF), Wal-Mart, Community Bank, and Corner Stone Bank for the wonderful world globes you gave me and my classmates.  I know we will enjoy using the globes in the future.  Will you be here again next year?”  The answer to that question is YES!  The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club is committed to The World Globe Project and with the continued support of RCPSF, Wal-Mart, and several local banks we hope to be able to continue the program for years to come. 
2011 marks the 5th year that World Globes have been presented to all Lexington and Rockbridge County schools’ 3rd graders.  268 smiling students from the Lexington and Rockbridge County Schools greeted members of the LSRC, the RCPSF and other sponsor representatives who visited their schools this past week to present them with their long anticipated World Globe gift.
The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club, Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation, Wal-Mart, Community Bank and Cornerstone Bank combined resources to enrich the education of the 3rd grade students in the city and county schools. Each 3rd grade student was given a world globe for his or her home that will support classroom learning. These are 12 inch, mountain relief globes mounted on a desktop stand that contain over 4,000 current names and boundaries of countries, cities, oceans, rivers, etc. The globes will assist students in clearly visualizing geographic locations and relationships that will result in an enhanced understanding of world history and current events.  These globes support learning across the curriculum and the gift of the globes shows teachers, students, and families that the community cares about the importance of their efforts.   Don’t be surprised to find 3rd graders spinning their globes, daydreaming, and letting their finger point to faraway places they may someday have the opportunity to visit.
The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club has historically placed emphasis on supporting the youth of the community and this program is an extension of that effort. The Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation was founded as an independent group of private citizens dedicated to enhancing the educational opportunities in the county school system. Wal-Mart continues its program of community involvement and support through this program.  Community Bank and Corner Stone Bank joined the effort because they care about our children’s education. 
Marc Hudson, President, Sunrise Rotary stated “We are pleased to have been able to bring together the Rockbridge County Public Schools Foundation, Wal-Mart, Community Bank and Cornerstone Bank and our Rotary Club to support a program of such great benefit to the students in the city and county schools.  I believe that we would all agree that supporting projects that support enhanced educational opportunities for students is the right thing to do. The globes will introduce young students to the continents and countries of the world and will permit them to share what they’re studying at school with everyone at home.”  
To all of the 3rd graders, we’ve given you the world and now the rest is up to you.  Enjoy and study smart.