The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Christmas Tree

"The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Christmas tree; telling a story of community and international involvement”
By:  Lori Sadler, Rotarian

The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Christmas tree tells the story of this local Rotary Club that celebrated it's17th anniversary this year.  You can see it proudly displayed in the window of the RE/MAX Town and Country office at 31 S. Main Street in Lexington, VA. It's a beautiful tree designed by Nancy Boggs of Frame and Design, 126 S. Main St.
This is not your typical multicolored tree; rather it is blue and gold.  The theme colors of blue and gold are those representative of Rotary International.  The words of Truth and Peace prominent throughout the tree décor are representative of what Rotary stands for and promotes and the many ornaments represent various projects that the club champions in our community.  There is heartfelt meaning in every ornament. 
Is it the TRUTH? This is the first question in Rotary's Four way test "Of the things we think, say, or do".... The other three are:  Is it FAIR to all concerned?  Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?  Is it BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
PEACE is what Rotary International hopes to achieve in the world through its many community and international projects.  These projects focus on the areas of disease prevention, literacy, maternal and child health, hunger, clean water, and Peace and Conflict prevention/resolution. 
Other ornaments on the tree continue to tell The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club’s story that of embracing Rotary International’s goals by striving to support all of the areas listed above in various ways.  Ornaments include the Rotary emblem with art work by P. Buckley Moss, the End Polio Now symbol for providing funds for the eradication of Polio (we are so close!), stick figures of children with country names such as Bolivia, Ghana, Haiti, etc., for supporting literacy, clean water, and food for the hungry projects,  tooth brushes for supporting the Dental Clinic at the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic and other youth focused not-for-profits in our community, World Globes for providing world globes to third graders, Christmas baskets for helping with the Community Christmas basket program, trophies for sponsoring the Road River Relay, and Hot air balloons for  providing our signature project, “our gift to our community”, the 4th of July Hot Air Balloon Rally.

This Christmas tree tells a story of Rotary International and the individual story of the Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club, an active service club that lives by the Rotary International motto of “Service above Self.” This story rings true of Rotary Clubs around the world.  The Lexington Sunrise Rotary Club is one club among the 34,216 Rotary Clubs worldwide and we have 63 members of the 1,214,714 Rotarians worldwide.   Our Rotarians pride themselves on their accomplishments; imagine the magnitude of accomplishments when efforts are combined throughout the world by Rotary International!
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