Rotary Resources

Check out this new web page by RI Zone 33 Coordinator, PDG Bevin Wall. It's called "Rotary Resources" and has the following mission:

  • Inform Rotarians about RI programs and motivate them to participate
  • Share ideas, success stories, and best practices to motivate club and district leaders
  • Increase membership by creating stronger and more effective clubs
  • Serve as an RI resource in the field, as well as a consultant, adviser, mentor, and catalyst for change
  • Advocate creative approaches that strengthen clubs, programs, and public image
  • Identify resources and connect people
  • Encourage long-range planning at the club and district levels
  • Promote the core values of RI
  • Establish communication tools that work regularly, in all directions
  • Promote the RI Convention

(A link to this page is also in the pull-down menu under Rotary International)