• Winner: Second Place
  • Date: 1/24/2018
  • Rotary Year: 2017-2018
  • Award Category: Public Image
  • Club NameRockingham County
  • Member First NameLydia Heatwole
  • Address: 
    3240 Baybrook Drive
    Harrisonburg, VA 22801
    United States View on Map
  • Email: lydia.m.heatwole@gmail.com
  • Brief Description: 
    1. This year, our club invested $8,300 toward the purchase of a Soapbox Derby trailer with a “trailer” size banner, promoting Soapbox Derby. Our club could not be more proud of this trailer and how it well represents our club! We have a strong, well-established program, but this brings it to another level. We are thrilled with design of the banner. We cannot wait to show it off in June at the derby races!
    2. In December, our club purchased, wrapped, and delivered Christmas gifts to the Rockingham VA Department of Social Services. Gifts were distributed to children and elderly adults who would not have normally received a Christmas gift. This project received media coverage and was featured in the local TV news http://www.whsv.com/content/news/Local-club-plays-Santa-for-annual-gift-giving-event-462083913.html
    3. Image promoted through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RockinghamCountyVARotaryClub) and a club website (http://www.rockrotary.org).
    4. Stories submitted and published in 2 Rotary Informer issues. See September 2017 (Soapbox Derby Project, pages 29-30) and December 2017 (Pints for Polio, page 5).
    5. Guest speaker information is submitted weekly to the local newspaper, the Daily News Record, which posts our upcoming program.
    6. The club has t-shirts with the Rotary logo, which are worn during certain fundraisers and events.
    7. We sponsor events and partner with other organization which publicize our name on signs displayed in the community, banners and other event material. We recently partnered with the Harrisonburg Rotary Club to purchase a Rotary tent that is used at outside functions.
  • Participation of Club Members: 
    1. 23%
    2. 35%
    3. Facebook account has 4 members (9%) with administrative access. The website is maintained by 1 club member (2%)
    4. 2%, information submitted by club President
    5. 2%, information submitted by PR chair
    6. and 7. I’m not exactly sure the best way to capture a quantifiable number other than to say 100% of our membership is involved in some project throughout the year that contributes to promoting our public image.
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    Overall, promoting our image brings a benefit to not only educate our community and other Rotary programs about our own club, but maintains the image we have already established. Facebook posts are helpful to remind even our own members about the good work we are doing!
    We have adopted an unofficial slogan of “We have bacon.” We occasionally include this saying in casual materials, such as club presentation slides and Facebook posts, or a tag line while trying to attract a new member. Since we are a morning club, we’ve always had the “benefit” of having bacon as a breakfast option. The quote originated in a news article published 2 years ago from a club member. This light-hearted phrase, which shows our appreciation for bacon, is a great example of our club comraderie.
  • Additional Material or Information #1: 
    The attachment includes pictures that shows our new soapbox derby trailer (#1), Rotary Informer publications (#4), new tent purchase in partnership with the Harrisonburg Rotary Club (#7), and a Facebook post that promoted wrapping Christmas gifts for DSS (#2).
  • 1st Supporting Document: 
    Public Image files.pdf
  • Additional Materail or Information #2: 
    As mentioned in the "resulting benefits" paragraph, above, attached are club slides we use for meetings and other presentations.
  • 2nd Supporting Document:
    Public Image Club Mtg Slides.pdf