• Winner: Second Place
  • Date: 1/22/2018
  • Rotary Year: 2017-2018
  • Award Category: Club Social Media
  • Club NameWarren County
  • Member First NameKarl
  • Address: 
    PO Box 702
    Front Royal, VA 22630
    United States View on Map
  • Email: karl.schwille@gmail.com
  • Brief Description: 
    -The Rotary Club of Warren County has an active Facebook page
    -Our facebook page currently has 408 likes (includes 10 different countries) with 393 people following us.
    -We average at least one, normally two or three posts, a week depending on the projects and what is going on in our community.
    -Club Newsletters with members and activity photos are posted weekly to the time line.

    We’re in transition - the Social Media Committee is instituting the following:
    -Broadcast (small) portions from our weekly speaker – we already record and post the recorded programs to our club web site located at www.warrencountyrotary.org
    -Add more images of our new Club members being sworn in;
    -Add more images of our community projects and what our members are doing – everything from filling holiday stockings for middle school children in need to refilling the two local “Blessing Boxes” to serving our monthly community suppers;
    -Add more information about our weekly speakers for the month – include pictures, names of the organizations and topics of discussion;
    -Add more images of what we do around the community and ensure we are tagging those in our photos for a greater reach/by-in from other community organizations;
    Start a social media campaign with all of our Interact students. As a Club we have
    -15 students at Skyline High School
    -30 students at Randolph-Macon Academy, and
    -13 students at Skyline Middle School
    This is where the real opportunity lies for us to get the word out about Rotary. If these students are allowed hands-on to get the word out about all their work, energy and efforts, it’s a win-win.
  • Participation of Club Members: 
    -Contributions to social media are made by 18% of our Club members
    -About 60 percent of our Club members follow our page
  • Resulting Benefits: 
    -Social media helps keep our Club members aware of all that is going on. We post our newsletter weekly and “tag” Club members to make sure they are looking and paying attention. Our posts also help to keep our Club members informed as to what Rotary is doing – not only in our back yard – but around the State, United States and the world.
    -An additional benefit is that we are to publicize our club efforts in our community and what a positive difference Rotary is making.
    -A recent posting by a parent on “What’s Up Front Royal” of a picture of their child receiving and opening their Letter from Santa. This page alone has 18,454 followers. This campaign provided a free personalized letter from Santa (complete with a hand-written PS to every child) and holiday stickers. We sent out 422 letters. The amount of social media coverage we received from a free gift from our Club to children ages 6 months to 78 years of age was amazing – and all of this wasn’t even on our page!