• Rotary Year: 2013-2014
  • Application Date: 4/15/2013
  • Club Name: Luray
  • Project Name: choices flooring and supplies
  • Project Total Expenditures: $6,000.00
  • Grant Amount Requested: $3,000.00
  • Describe the Project, its location and its objectives: Replace and repair flooring in choices. threr are several places where the tiles have broken and came loose and need replacing. The trim will also need to be replaced. The subfloor is questionable and will need to be replaced. Also every year the club donates the proceeds from going for the green to choices for the purchase of supplies example food for the pantry, white goods, cleaning supplies, clothing for the people housed in the facility and for their educational programs that they do in the schools about domestic violence. Choices is located at 216 west main street in Luray va 22835.
  • This is the Club’s: Primary Project Application
  • Expected Start Date: 7/15/2013
  • Expected End Date: 6/15/2014
  • Describe how the project will benefit the community and/or improve the lives of the less fortunate: Choices serves the community for the battered and abused men and women. Choices is a place for them to seek shelter when they are faced with domestic challenges. The building needs to be kept in good repair and they need food, supplies and sometimes clothing for the people housed there, because sometimes they only have the clothes that they have on ther backs.
  • Describe the Rotarian hands-on activities in the project (i.e. non-financial participation): Rotarians will remove the old tile and subfloor and replace. repair any structural damage found to support the floor. We expect the project to take approximately 160 man hours to do. We anticipate about 15 rotarians to participate in the project in various degrees some more than others.
  • Describe the publicity plan to inform the general public that this is a Rotary sponsored project: Place an article in the local paper and have a report by the local radio station. Also put up a sign that The Rotary club of luray is doing the work.
  • Cooperating Organizations – Please list each cooperating organization, if any: none
  • Letter(s) of Participation: Scan_1.pdf
  • Project Expenditure Budget – list detail uses of funds for the project, or use the Budget UploadFlooring and supplies
    27 boxes vct tile $1080.00 Total for floor $3500.00
    9 gal adhesive 145.00 food for pantry 1000.00
    20 p[cs osb 23/32 585.00 white gds and cleaning 750.00
    clothing & heigene items 750.00
    total for whole project $6000.00
    4 pkg screws 92.00
    50 pcs 8' trim 150.00
    2 scrapers 40.00
    6 pcs cement board 3'x5' 1/2" 85.00
    2 pkg cement bd screws 20.00
    seam sealer and leveler 40.00
    permits 100.00
    paint 60.00
    misc supplies 200.00
    disposal cost 100.00
    tool rental 75.00
    floor support costs estimated 500.00
    allowance for price increase 228.00
  • Project Funding Budget – list detail sources of funds for the project, or use the Budget UploadRotary district grant $3000.00
    Luray Rotary club $3000.00
    Total $6000.00
  • Primary Contact Name: Joseph A Bush
  • Primary Contact Rotary Position: President elect 2013-14
  • Primary Contact Email: josephab12@earthlink.net
  • Primary Contact Phone: 540-743-1756
  • Financial Contact Name: Fritz Baukhages and Jerry Schiro
  • Financial Contact Rotary Position: Treasurer and assistant treasurer
  • Financial Contact Address: 
    Luray Rorary Club
    p o box 482
    Luray, VA 22835
    United States View on Map
  • Financial Contact Email: febiv@embarqmail.com
  • Financial Contact Phone: 540-743-6361
  • District Grant Project Authorization LetterScan_3.pdf
  • Grant Number: 1314-22
  • Grant Award: $3,000.00